What is the best haircut for oval face? Check out 4 of the most flattering hairstyles!

by Gabby

What is the best haircut for oval face? We’re here to help you achieve the most flattering look you’ve ever had, PERIOD! There are so many hair trends emerging from the trenches that even we at the DeaVita office sometimes get lost. But don’t be afraid! Once again, the team of hair trend enthusiasts are here to help and inspire you! Do you have an oval face? Feel like your current haircut isn’t really flattering your features? It may be because you have chosen a hairstyle that is unsuitable for your face shape. While we sometimes like to experiment with different hairstyles, we have to accept that not everything flatters us like others. Let’s find out what haircut for oval face will suit you best!

Haircut for oval face: Find 4 of the best suggestions!

haircut trends 2023 bob oval face shape

Which haircut is best for oval face?

Oval faces are elongated and quite beautiful. Many hairstyles suit them perfectly. However, some of us have wider foreheads and chins and we don’t really want to accentuate them. And occasionally we try bangs or curtain bangs, but somehow… it doesn’t make much difference. I have an oval face, so I struggled with this hair stain throughout my teenage years. Many experiences and unfortunate trips to hairdressers have passed… Until I find out what really works for my face shape. I’ve made a modest list of the 4 best hairstyles for oval faces, so you don’t have to scour the internet! As always, when in doubt, remember to use the free hair simulator for women!

French bob

french bob haircut 2023 styles and ideas on how to wear it


If you are an Amélie Poulain at heart, then say no more! The short French bob cut is an absolute classic! The way the bangs fall over the forehead will make your oval face look not so elongated. You can curl the ends towards the inside of your face or do romantic, effortless curls for a more casual look. All in all, this chic hairstyle will always be on trend, as it suits almost any face shape! If you need more inspiration and want to know how the French girls are wearing their hair in 2023, check out the French hairstyles that you need to try out!

Lob haircut

lob haircut for women in 2023 hairstyle ideas oval face shape

If you don’t want to cut your hair that short, why not try the lob cut? It is actually a square cut, but longer. It is basically medium length hair that is very flattering and has a lot of volume. Usually, long hair weighs a lot, so ladies with thin, flat hair can never get enough volume. If you are one of them, try the lob! And why not combine it with a fashionable curtain fringe? One of the other trendy haircuts that adds volume to the hair naturally is actually the Brachel haircut, which turned out to be one of the biggest trends currently.

Long tapered layers with bangs

long hair with layers and bangs ideas blondes color trends 2023

Long hair is always flattering. But will that look good on your oval face? In general, many of us go for Arwen’s elven look. What does that mean? Long straight hair, without bangs and without volume, with a parting in the middle. In fact, it will make your forehead look bigger and your hair look longer! What you should try is the butterfly cut or the shaggy haircut. They are both quite similar, but the former is more chic and elegant, while the latter is straight out of Joan Jett’s 80s rock style. Adding bangs to this layered cut will make your face look optically smaller and frame it beautifully.

Haircut for oval face: The Pixie haircut

pixie haircut for oval face shape ideas hairstyles 2023


Finally, here is a hairstyle for the most daring women! Cutting your hair so short after having long hair is quite a shock! However, the pixie cut doesn’t have to be boring or boyish. It can be very feminine and elegant if you style it correctly. For example, Ginnifer Goodwin opted for a pixie cut with bangs falling to the side. This hugs her face in a very flattering way while making it look smaller.


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