Hairstyles for curvy women over 50: Discover the biggest mistakes to avoid!

by Kremy

Not every hairstyle suits every face, but once you find it, it will give you confidence. A good haircut will also change your look and trick the eye into thinking your face is slimmer. But if you make a mistake by choosing the wrong style or just let your hair grow without taking care of it, then you can forget about the anti-aging effect or the trendy look. So, what do you think? What will be your choice? We are sure that your appearance is important to you, so scroll down the page to choose one of the hairstyles for curvy women over 50 that will flatter you.

What haircut to avoid when you are plus size?

long hairstyles plus size women over 50 round face

Are you curvy with a round or oval face? Like any other person, you must take this into account and adapt your haircut to your body in order to visually refine your look why not make some years disappear from your face. Still, women with round faces have a very big advantage. Time marks their faces much less than the others! You should be proud of it! To emphasize the natural beauty that you have, make sure to avoid the following hairstyles, especially at the age of 50 or older.

Long straight hair

Contrary to what you might think, it won’t make you look thinner or taller. Not only is it boring, but it makes you look untidy. To be fashionable, elegant and really feminine, it is better to shorten the lengths, so that they reach your chest (at the most) and add layers. There is no need to opt for the shaggy haircut shown in the photo above if you don’t like it. The Brachel cut or the “V” shaped haircut are great options in this case.

Stiff bangs

Bangs are not a curtain you can hide behind and leaving them too stiff will only make things worse. In fact, it will further accentuate your curves.

Straight bangs

Here is another type of bangs that you should definitely avoid. Straight bangs won’t make your face look squarer, but they will emphasize your cheeks. Replace it with asymmetrical bangs suitable for women over 50.

Which are the best hairstyles for curvy women?

what hairstyle for a curvy 50 year old woman


Well, we have already given you some ideas above, but here’s a list of the best haircuts for women over 50 with round faces:

Inverted bob

inverted bob for curvy women plus size haircuts

The inverted bob is ideal for women who prefer to wear their hair shorter. It will give them volume and lightness, which is ideal after 40, when the hair becomes thinner. Also, adding a few loose curls will make you look even younger.

Asymmetrical pixie haircut

pixie haircut with side bangs for curvy women 50 year old plus size women haircuts

A short pixie haircut can work wonders for curvy women, just make sure there is volume in the back. You can achieve this look with layers. In addition, side swept bangs will visually lengthen your face.

Long hairstyles for curvy women

What hairstyle to refine a round face

As we have already said, long hair is not reserved only for thin women, but when you are curvy, it is better to combine it with curtain bangs for example. The balayage will also bring a touch of rejuvenation to your appearance.

Medium-length bob with side bangs

what is the best hairstyle for plus size women

This is the perfect business look! We really like it! This is a classic, yet very sophisticated hairstyle that will slightly conceal fuller cheeks. In addition, it gives the illusion of a longer face. We also advise you to give a little boost to your natural volume by opting for retro style curls.

Layered medium length hairstyles

layered hairstyles for curvy women

Medium length hairstyles are the most sought after by curvy women and for a good reason. They are perfect for concealing fine lines, boosting volume or enhancing the face. The only condition? Opt for a layered version! And the end result? A modern and airy hairstyle that rejuvenates and adds volume to fine, thinning hair.



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