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Micro trend 2023: The micro makeover in fashion that awaits us according to Pinterest Predicts!

Micro trend 2023: The micro makeover that awaits us according to Pinterest Predicts!

by Anjelina

It looks like 2023 will be the year of “small beauty”. Long, lush hair will be a thing of the past and short hairstyles will take its place. The same phenomenon will be seen when it comes to manicures – long nails will be replaced by mini French manicures. The year of the micro makeover is upon us, according to Pinterest Predicts. Micro trend 2023 is coming in full force, and in today’s article we’ll take a look at exactly how this will affect the evolution of fashion. Keep reading to find out the latest fashion trends!

Micro trend 2023: The micro makeover, according to Pinterest Predicts

Micro trend 2023 micro makeover pinterest predicts short haircut and bangs

Micro trend in fashion will fascinate a large part of women around the world in 2023. How do we know? Thanks to the report provided by Pinterest Predicts, we know exactly what the trends will be this year as far as makeovers are concerned. People mostly use Pinterest to plan, so the report is one reliable source of information about the future that we can trust. And now, we suggest you take a look at the micro trends in hairstyles and manicures that will be at the peak of popularity in 2023! Read to the end to be prepared for what’s ahead and stay up-to-date with fashion and trends!

Micro takeover of haircuts and styles

stylish short bob haircut blonde hair in layers


As already mentioned, long hair will become demode. Instead, we will increasingly see short haircuts that are easy to maintain and style. Micro fashion is coming into beauty salons in full force and micro hairstyles will be the most preferred in the new year, rest assured! Now let’s take a look at the most popular ones!

Chopped bob haircut

micro trend 2023 chopped bob hairstyle for short hair highlights

The short chopped bob will be one of the most preferred haircuts of the year. As well as looking stunningly good on any face shape, the hairstyle is both trendy and romantic. The best part is that bob haircuts generally don’t require much maintenance and long hours in front of the mirror with various hairstyling appliances. On the contrary, your hair will look good enough at any time of the day or night! Modern hair coloring techniques like balayage or highlights can make a short bob look even more amazing, so it’s worth considering those too!

Micro bangs

micro bangs short fringe choppy hairstyle dark brown hair

Say goodbye to long straight bangs, those on one side or the curtain type. All these popular styles will be replaced by micro bangs, which will be among the biggest hairstyle trends in 2023. You may have already guessed what we mean – also known as baby bangs, the micro fringe is extremely short and doesn’t even reach the eyebrows. In fact, many celebrities have already fallen for the trend, and we often see them enjoying their trendy look. Micro bangs add an exclusive touch and complement any hairstyle. No matter whether it is curly, straight, wavy, thick or thin, hair instantly takes on a new charm thanks to the extremely short bangs!

Short braid hairstyles

short braid hairstyle black hair micro braids 2023 trends


Braids have always been adored by girls and women of all ages. There is a misconception that braids are only suitable for medium to long hair. 2023 aims to show that this is not true at all! Women who have short hair like bob or pixie will be able to reach their full potential and enjoy beautiful and well-styled braids. More and more often we will see short braid hairstyles, which is great! If you too have short hair, act bold and make braids your favorite hairstyle – you will look more than stylish and fashionable in the new year!

Micro trends in manicures

micro nails trends 2023 dark green tip short nails

The long, coffin-shaped nails we’ve become accustomed to seeing in recent years will no longer be fashionable. In their place come short and clean manicures like the classic French. Some trends just can’t be broken, and are coming back stronger than ever!

Micro French nails

micro French nails fashion trends in 2023 gentle manicure

Very often, less is more! And this is almost always true about everything! The same applies when we talk about nail trends. In 2023, long nails, neon colors and embellishments will be replaced by stylish and modern manicures where just one strip of polish can be an elegant and chic addition and reveal and highlight your beautiful nails! In this line of thoughts, we want to emphasize that the French micro manicure will be very trendy this year. It differs from the classic one in that the line that is at the tip of the nail is even thinner and microscopic. It adds delicacy and an elegant look to the nails, goes with every look and season.

Short stiletto nails

short stiletto nails gradient effect appropriate for any occasion

It’s like we’re used to seeing more long stiletto manicures. That will also change in 2023! In fact, more and more people currently prefer short nails because they don’t get in the way all the time. The pointy shape of short stiletto nails makes them the perfect solution for ladies who love elegant manicures, but at the same time want to avoid the disadvantages of long nails. As far as colors go, short stiletto manicures will come in mostly monochromatic and clean shades! Subtle gradients in similar shades of colors are also allowed.


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