Here is the trendy ponytail 2022/2023 that was all the rage at Fashion Week!

by Kremy

Each season has its trendy ponytail! This fall-winter 2022/2023, you can choose from 4 glamorous and ultra-easy to make variations. So, without further delay, discover the hairstyle to copy for a flawless look. Bubble, graphic, half, low… the trendy ponytail 2022/2023 offers many variations to enhance your hair. The proof below!

Trendy ponytail 2022/2023: 4 models to copy

hairstyle low ponytail trend 2022 2023

Fashion Month has bowed out. And after reviewing fashionistas’ best outfits and makeovers, we highlight one particular hairstyle that left us in awe during Giambattista Valli’s show at Milan Fashion Week. A glamorous and relatively easy to achieve look. Focus on the graphic ponytail!

Trendy ponytail 2022/2023: The graphic ponytail

ponytail trend 2022 2023 hairstyle trend woman


To create it, the hair is prepared in advance, using a mousse. Then hair is separated into three sections. The two locks placed at the front are flattened on the head, while the waves are shaped with the fingertips. Enough to get a nice wet look reminiscent of a shell! Some models have combined this modeled wave with braids. As for the ponytail itself, it should be low, starting at the neck and unfolds all in volume and to create a combed-disheveled effect. The graphic ponytail goes particularly well with frizzy hair and the trend of Scandi Waves, another trendy hairstyle that will rule in fall 2022.

The Slick Ponytail

fall 2022 square face slick trendy ponytail

Since spring-summer 2022, the trend of slicked back hair has not ceased to make us crack. And to our delight, it also catches our eye for fall-winter. Think you need a pro hairstylist to get that great look? No way! Less boring than a simple tail and more sensible than pigtails, this hairstyle is the ideal ally when you have oily hair. A brush, a styling gel, an elastic band and you’re done. It is also the ultimate trick to have a sleek look. In addition, you can accessorize it in several ways: zig zag headband, bandana, giant scrunchie, barrettes, mini braids, etc. For a less formal look, let half of your hair down and do a half ponytail. On the makeup side, combine this trendy hairstyle with crystal eye makeup. For a more dramatic effect, make a bold kitten eye or wear a dark lipgloss.

Bubble tail

bubble ponytail trendy ponytail fall winter 2022 2023

If it had its heyday a few decades ago, the Bubble ponytail is making a huge comeback this year. To succeed, nothing could be easier and faster! Get several elastic bands and position them throughout your high tail. They should be attached at equal intervals as shown above. A sophisticated hairstyle is guaranteed! Perfect for starting your work day in style, the Bubble Ponytail can be worn with everything and everywhere. The only condition is to have a healthy hair! To twist it, swap the first elastic for a pretty printed scarf or a scrunchie.

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The Jellyfish Tail

2022 2023 hairstyle Jellyfish ponytail trend

In summer, nothing better than a nice long tail so you don’t sweat around your neck. In fall, however, we want to upgrade it a little. For this purpose, we add braids! Here is the complete tutorial to make it by yourself:

  • Start by brushing your mane straight back.
  • Pull it well to form a good high tail.
  • If your hair is clean, consider texturizing it with a dry shampoo.
  • Use hairspray or styling gel to flatten the hair and prevent frizz.
  • All you have to do is braid the lengths of your tail and you’re done!

Tip: the jellyfish tail can also be done on high pigtails. And if some girls opt for two braids, others do not hesitate to multiply them for a most original hairstyle.



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