Decorate a lantern for fall: turn them into dreamlike eye-catchers with these simple ideas!

by Kremy

Lanterns are actually intended to illuminate. Accordingly, it is mostly candles that are in it. But that’s not the only way to show off these pretty accessories. You can also use other decorations and create fabulous compositions so that the lanterns suit the season. Fall offers a number of materials that you could use for this purpose and today we will show you a few ideas on how to decorate a lantern for fall – very easily, without much effort and expense.

Fill lanterns with fall fruits

A mix of fall natural materials to fill big lanterns

As already mentioned, the season offers numerous fruits that you can use to decorate a lantern for fall, ranging from ornamental gourds, cones, chestnuts and acorns to colored leaves and twigs with or without berries. And all these things don’t even have to be real if you want a long-lasting fall decoration, for example. In the decoration shop you can find artificial options that are cheap and in no way inferior to the real ones.

Beautiful fall decoration with flowers

Lantern fall decoration with vases and roses in fall colors


Just because spring and summer are over doesn’t mean you can’t create something pretty with flowers. In fall, too, nature offers a wonderful splendor of flowers, mostly in warm colors. Dried flowers, which you can also make yourself, are particularly suitable if you want to decorate a lantern with flowers. Not only can the inside of a lantern be decorated, but you can also decorate the outside with flowers. How about hydrangeas, for example?

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Decorate a lantern for fall – an idea for indoors

Container made of wood as a base decorated with leaves and vegetables

Place lanterns, in groups or individually, on an interesting base when using them for interior decoration. This not only adds another interesting accent but offers space for a few more decorations around it. It is also very convenient when you need to wipe dust. You can rearrange the whole composition thanks to the base (e.g. tray, wooden disk, wooden box, wire basket).

Lantern fall decoration wooden box with lanterns and hydrangeas

If you are using a box or basket, choose a model with low walls so that the lantern can be displayed as well as its content is not covered. It is also useful if the container has handles, especially if you decorate it with a lot of heavy things.

Put a vase in the lantern

Big vase in a metal lantern with berries and twigs


Replace the candle with a pretty vase and decorate it with whatever you like. Not only dried and cut flowers are suitable for this. Twigs with berries are also wonderful and represent fall perfectly. Top it off with a small pumpkin or a pine cone!

Decorate a lantern for fall – Additional decorations for Halloween

Metal lanterns for the porch for Halloween decorate with bats

Do you enjoy the spooky holiday? Then a suitable decoration would, of course, be wonderful. You don’t have to put away all your fall decorations just for this one evening and then put them back again. Instead, just add Halloween decorations. This adapts perfectly to the fall arrangement.

You can hang cobwebs over the lanterns and in this way decorate the lantern for Halloween or just distribute a few bats here and there. Or place a carved pumpkin next to it. It doesn’t take much effort to transform a fall lantern into a spooky one.

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Lantern decoration with a difference – cool idea for the wall

Decorate a lantern for fall with grasses and pumpkins

Would you like to decorate a large lantern? A wonderful idea! But how about hanging them on the wall instead of standing them up like you normally would. The idea is perfect for the porch or balcony, as well as for indoor use. A modern and simple model with large panes of glass and narrower frames would be ideal, so that the arrangement inside is shown to its best advantage, but of course any other is also suitable.

modern large lanterns fall decor ideas

If you have a tall model, make sure you really take advantage of the height. Place a long bouquet of flowers or, as in the example, dry grass. Then put some pumpkins on the ground, for example, or maybe a small stack of wooden log slices? Experiment with what you have and create a fall composition that everyone will look at with pleasure.

Decorate a lantern for fall – more ideas

Decorate a lantern for fall copper and glittering pumpkins

Check out some more inspiration below that you can use

Make a wreath out of berries and put inside lanterns

You can use a wreath of berries or another type of fall wreath to put inside the lantern and create an interesting table decoration.

Open lantern fall decoration with candlesticks and wreath of pumpkins and greens

Corn on the cob for stuffing

DIY fall decoration corncobs for a rustic style for Thanksgiving

Simple idea with white pumpkins

Simple and elegant lantern fall decoration with white gourds

Simple materials with a beautiful visual effect

Buy fall decoration materials in the decor shop


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