20 DIY Fall Table Centerpiece Ideas That Are Totally Sublime!

by Kremy

What puts you in a good mood once the days start to get shorter and cooler? Homemade cakes scented with the aromas of the harvest season? Or the beautiful DIY decoration, made thanks to the fall gifts of nature? Whether for a party or just for fun, beautiful DIY fall table centerpiece ideas are always welcome, right? So, here are twenty of them!

Top Decorative DIY Fall Table Centerpiece Ideas

fall table decorating ideas diy centerpiece composition leaves seasonal fruits

October is here! That means it’s harvest season and time to pick a variety of fruits that not only taste wonderful, but also look attractive and are not to be underestimated when it comes to decorating the home. But what’s the easiest way to make the most of them? Are there any good decorating strategies you can adopt to create the perfect setting?

diy velvet pumpkins fall table decor ideas


Placing them in the middle of the dining room table prepared to entertain guests or the coffee table in the living room to admire them every day is the way to go! But how do you ensure that the result is in good taste? Well, there are plenty of attractive approaches to take, and something to suit every taste. Here are 20 DIY fall table centerpiece ideas that are absolutely stunning!

The Absolute Classic: Fall Table Centerpieces with Pumpkins

fall table decorating ideas rustic style painted pumpkins

When we talk about fall table centerpieces, we always start with the majestic pumpkin! Several small gourds painted in colors of your choice and arranged as a table runner? Orange, green and off-white pumpkins arranged under glass bell covers? Mini gourds in a woven basket? There are so many ways to make the most of them!

diy fall table centerpiece ideas pumpkins glass bell jar

Fascinating idea for a chic country centerpiece with pumpkins, wheat stalks and wood

diy fall table centerpiece ideas rustic style pumpkins wheat wood

Do Not Neglect Other Seasonal Fruits in Your Fall Table Decoration

elegant fall table decorations pomegranates berries

This is the most important harvest season of the year and there are dozens of fruits to include in your table decorations! Pomegranates, grapes, figs, medlars, persimmons, quinces, pears and apples are just some of the beautiful seasonal fruits that can be used for the perfect DIY fall table centerpieces.

Pears and greenery table runner that’s brilliant in its simplicity

simple rustic fall table decoration with pears and leaves

Certainly, the same decorative idea works with apples or other seasonal fruits

simple fall table centerpiece with apples candles and greenenry

What about the Fall Color Palette to Use?

diy fall wedding table centerpiece wheat stalk bouquet

Orange is one of the most beautiful warm colors to use in fall

diy fall table centerpiece dahlias oranges

Deep dark colors for a sublime decadent table decoration

diy fall table centerpiece flouwers leaves chic colors

Symphony in white with pumpkins, candles, hydrangea flowers and antlers

fall table centerpiece ideas white pumpkins hydrangea antlers

Fall Flowers for an Impeccable Decorative Composition

best fall table centerpiece ideas

It goes without saying that beautiful fall table centerpieces couldn’t do without fall flowers. In October, you can enjoy late blooming roses, fall daisies, chrysanthemums, etc. Our absolute favorite? The beautiful varieties of dahlias, which offer a plethora of shapes, sizes and shimmering colors!

Dahlias in a tin for a flawless rustic fall centerpiece

diy fall table centerpiece bouquet dahlias tin can vase

Charming fall table centerpiece idea with dahlias, roses and hydrangeas

diy fall table centerpiece ideas bouquet dahlias roses hydrangeas

What Additional Items Can You Use?

diy table centerpiece ideas bay leaves mini gourds pheasant feathers

Fruits and flowers? Certainly yes! But what are the other essential elements of a successful fall table centerpiece? Decorating with feathers, wheat stalks, bay leaves and dried flowers, among others, is simply perfect for this time of year!

Dried flowers, ears of corn and bouquets of herbs are fantastic in fall!

diy fall table centerpiece ideas rustic composition

Chic cotton flower bouquet decor, white pumpkins and copper accents

diy fall table centerpiece ideas white pumpkins cotton stalks

A few ears of corn and a spray of metallic paint and that’s it!

diy fall table centerpiece fall flowers and corn

How to Make a Modern Fall Table Centerpiece?

diy fall table centerpiece velvet pumpkins in pastel colors

Velvet pumpkins for an eco-themed decoration!

fall table centerpiece ideas velvet pumpkins

Here’s how to make yours in a few easy steps:



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