Fall 2022 haircut: 5 ways to wear the Airy bob to enhance your fine hair!

by Kremy

What trendy 2022 haircut to choose so that you get the most stylish look? This season, there is a particular Bob which is a hit and which has already won over a large number of fashionistas including Micah Gianneli. We are talking about the famous airy bob that gives the impression of having the wind in your hair. Which type of hair benefits the most? How to wear this phenomenal cut to get the most out of it? Of course, you have several questions that our editors will answer! So, focus on THE fall 2022 haircut and the ways to style your airy bob.

What is airy bob and what type of hair is it suitable for?

airy bob short haircut trend fall 2022 Micah Gianneli

The airy bob is undoubtedly THE fall 2022 cut which will refresh and energize your head this season. It is in fact the perfect way to restore the vitality and good health of hair damaged by the strong summer sun as well as by the harmful effects of salt water and swimming pool. This hair style features a short bob cut that uses the famous layered technique to add volume to the hair as well as stunning movement. As its name suggests, the airy bob is distinguished by its ultra airy and fresh side which creates a 100% natural effect.

airy bob ideas hairstyle trend 2022


Although usually a cut for thin hair without volume, this 2022 short bob can pamper all textures, including curly manes. Indeed, it is the hairdresser who will know how to adapt it to your type of face and hair by playing with the layers in a precise and subtle way. In other words, he aims to create a specific structure of the cut. It is therefore crucial to note that given the complexity of this trendy hairstyle, choosing a professional hairdresser is a good idea.

If you are still hesitating whether this fall 2022 cut is suitable for you, know that it continues to seduce trendy girls and will do so for years to come. Ultimately, it’s a bob cut and the bob never goes out of style. Discover how to wear the trendy hairstyle of the season in the following paragraphs.

Trendy haircut fall 2022: 5 hot ways to wear the airy bob!

how to wear airy bob 2022

This 2022 the Bob cut is easy and quick to style and can even be accessorized. Is it possible to wear it wavy or curly? Yes, quite! Here are 5 trending ideas to fall for.

Smooth styling

short cut woman 2022 fine hair

This is the easiest way to style the short bob haircut. Whether it’s for a wedding, a party or just every day, find yourself with an XXL mane that shines thanks to a 5-minute brushing that will quickly give movement to the roots. Then use the straightener if necessary.

Waves for a romantic female bob cut

short cut woman 2022 trendy haircut short airy bob

The movement in the hair and the romantic waves are essential to succeed in a trendy back-to-school hairstyle without missteps. So-called beach waves are super easy to recreate on short hair with just a straightener. Take a look at the video below for more detailed instructions. Remember that the use of a protective spray is mandatory.

The airy bob on curly hair

haircut trend 2022 airy bob with curls Micah Gianneli

It doesn’t matter if you have natural curls or not, this trendy short haircut for women 2022 suits it without any worries. The proof above: influencer Micah Gianneli bet on curly hair to better showcase her very fashionable airy bob. Our editors recommend that you style your curls without heat to minimize the damage to your hair.

The key accessories to wear the Airy bob in style

haircut trend autumn 2022 bob accessories Micah Gianneli

Believe it or not, the airy bob is a versatile cropped cut that you can accessorize in so many ways. Whether it’s the couture barrette, head jewelry or pearls, fall 2022 hair accessories are available to meet the preferences of every trendy girl. Here is a perfect example above – Micah Gianneli’s impeccable hair style.

haircut fall 2022 airy bob hair accessories barrettes

A fan of more minimalist elements? Polina Podpletennaya, probably the most famous carrier of the airy bob, went for two barrettes to clear her face in a subtle way.


2022 airy bob how to wear in fall

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