How To Grow Tomatoes – All The Secret Tips And Tricks You Need To Start Your Own Vegetable Garden!

by Leanne Edwards

Don’t you just love a salad? I know I do. There’s nothing better than being able to sit down at meal times and enjoy, a super fresh tomato, herbs and feta cheese salad! That being said, I’m really partial to making my own pasta sauces. Just think… Would it not be even better if you could grow your own tomatoes at home? Well, you totally can! If you’re wondering how easy is it to grow tomatoes, you’d be surprised. It’s actually a really fun activity that the whole family can get involved in it. Enjoy reading up on how to grow tomatoes, plus all the secret tips and tricks to put you on the road to success!

How To Grow Tomatoes? What Are The secret tips?

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There are many benefits to getting involved with home-grown produce. For instance, you will see the difference in how much money you can actually save by doing so. Instead of going to your local supermarket and spending a fortune on a bag of tomatoes or a jar of tomato sauce for your spaghetti – you could put the money you’re saving towards something else. You could even start to meal plan if you don’t already! The other great thing about having your own tomatoes at home is that they taste amazing!

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How should I take care of the tomatoes at home?

They enjoy being left in a quiet spot where there is plenty of sunshine and heat. Don’t forget – tomatoes need quite a bit of humidity also. The best way to achieve a warm but humid place is to wet them with a spray bottle instead of a watering can, as the water flow may be too harsh. A word of warning – you should take care to spray them twice daily whilst they are still seedlings. It’s pretty much how to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse. Atmosphere is one on one – humid and bright.

How To Grow Tomatoes At Home And Be Successful?different types of tomatoes

Tomatoes like to be in the warm with plenty of sunlight. Sunny balcony’s, verandas and greenhouses are the best place to get your little seeds to sprout. The best growing temperature for the tomatoes is from 65 °F to 85 °F (18 °C – 29 °C) and most suitable is to plant them from mid-March to early April. Choose your tomato seeds with care. The best places to look for, and purchase seeds are agricultural shops and garden centres. Make sure to explain where the seeds are going to be placed so not to get the wrong ones and end up disappointed.

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Items needed:

  • Planter pots-washed thoroughly
  • Potting soil
  • Seeds of choice
  • Spray bottle of water
  1. Take your planter pots and fill them with potting soil
  2. In each hole of the container, gently position 2 to 3 tomato seeds
  3. Cover seeds with more soil
  4. Water the holes with the newly planted seeds
  5. Place in a sunny place and expect within 14–16 days to see sprouting
  6. Once the plants are tall enough (roughly 3 to 4 inches tall or 2/3 cm

How To Grow Tomatoes From A Tomato – The Natural Way!

If you want to try natures way of reproducing- take a ripe, large tomato. Cut the tomato into slices and place them in a plant-pot on top of soil or potting soil. Cover the slices with more soil (it should represent a tomato sandwich, with the dirt on each side of the slices.) Lightly water the top layer but not, so it’s soaking, as you don’t want to flood the tomato seeds. Relocate to a sunny spot. Continue to water each day. In about 15 days time, you will see all your little stalks popping up. Once you have strong enough seedlings, you need to separate them and transfer to a separate pot, so they have room to grow. There you have it -how to grow tomatoes at home in pots! Take a look at the video above for clarification!

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How To Make Some Delicious Homemade Sauce with your ready produce!

Wondering what to have for your lunch or dinner? Boy, have I got some ideas for you. I have used this recipe for tons of meals. It’s great for making the base for an Indian curry, pasta sauces and even pizza sauce- if you want to take it to the next level, add in some mushroom and peppers. If you can get hold of it, fresh basil is gorgeous in the sauce too. It really just gives it that extra kick! Another awesome things about it is if you have a slow cooker, it’s luscious for making stews too.

The best thing about harvesting your tomatoes is that you can even choose to freeze if you don’t want to use it straight away. Mason jars work best as they seal really well. Take a look at this article on how to freeze homemade tomato sauce!. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this article on how to grow tomatoes and enjoy having fun with inventing all sorts of tasty treats!


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