Jellyfish cut: Adopt this awesome haircut trend in 2023!

by Anjelina

Do you have a vision of your dream haircut? Does it frame your face in such a beautiful way that your best features stand out? If you’re an avid TikTok user and are up on hair trends, you already know the jellyfish cut all too well! Last year, it was still in its infancy. Today, there are so many flattering variations of this adorable hairstyle that even fans of traditional haircuts will love them!

jellyfish cut how to adopt this awesome haircut trend in 2023

Jellyfish cut: How to wear this extravagant hairstyle?

Want to adopt a mesmerizing new look? To resemble an aquatic goddess just in time for spring and summer? Jellyfish hair is quite similar to the mullet cut, wolf cut and butterfly cut. It has the layers and gives you a lot of volume while giving you the length you want. Essentially, it is half short and half long, mimicking the shape of a jellyfish. The top layers can be thick, straight or layered and can give a lot of volume to women with fine, flat hair. The bottom half is feminine and at the same time trendy because of the extraordinarily dramatic difference in length!

jellyfish cut how to wear this extravagant hairstyle


It’s very abstract, new and experimental to be quite frank. If you desperately want a short haircut, but think you’ll miss your long hair, then the jellyfish hairstyle is for you! It has the best of both worlds: short and long. And you know what’s even better? You can dye your long hair one color and your short hair another to create a more artistic look. Now let’s see some wonderful variations of this enchanting hairstyle!

Short haircut inspired by the sea

short haircut inspired by the sea

If you love Aurora’s music, you’ve already seen her iconic jellyfish hairstyle! She is one of the people who made this hairstyle an absolute trend and made it spread like wildfire all over the world! She wears a short, clean bob cut with a mini fringe that beautifully frames her face. Over her shoulder, longer locks fall gracefully and almost look like a golden waterfall. To add a little more dimension and oomph, she left two long locks in the front of her face and braided them. I love this look!

Layered medium-length hair

layered mid-length hair with bangs

If you’re intimidated by the short jellyfish haircut, I understand! It’s pretty extravagant, and if you’re someone who doesn’t like standing out in a crowd with wild haircuts…. Then try the medium length! It’s pretty much the same, only the hair isn’t as short. This gorgeous hairstyle looks a lot like the wolf cut. It has length, texture, dimension, lots of volume and a lot of elegance and style!

Long two-tone jellyfish hair

long two-tone jellyfish hair platinum blonde brown

Finally, for the girls who crave a long jellyfish cut, but still have volume, this is for you! The model’s hair is not only two different lengths, but also two different colors. This almost perfectly mimics a jellyfish and gives the hair some much-needed uniqueness and personality! If you’re still hesitating to cut your hair and make a rather dramatic and artistic hair change, then why not try the hair online? As always, I recommend my lovely readers to try the free hair simulator for women before making any important decision about their hair!

Jellyfish cut – Photo Gallery

trendy haircut 2023 long and short layers blonde and black versions

Gorgeous medium-length red hairstyle

medium length layered red hair with a fringe

Why not also opt for a new trendy hair color?

black medium length hair with bangs

A very colorful and fun variation for the most daring women!

colorful and fun variation for the most daring women

Short curly hair inspired by the jellyfish cut

short curly hair 2023 inspired by the jellyfish cut

An enchanting hairstyle worth giving a try!

enchanting hairstyle trends 2023 for medium and long hair

Hair trend 2023 inspired by the ocean

hair trend woman inspired by the ocean 2023

Even Lily Collins has adopted the jellyfish haircut! 

Lily Collins adopted the stylish jellyfish haircut

Beautiful short jellyfish hairstyle

short black hair a-line bob longer locks

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