Blunt Bob: What makes Michelle Pfeiffer new haircut so trendy, special and chic?

by Anjelina

Short hairstyles have long been considered extremely stylish and fashionable, and many ladies prefer them. The bob, for example, has long topped the charts of the most popular hairstyles. Hairdressers from all over the world put in a lot of effort and talent while working, which eventually results in creating new variations of the classic and well-known hairstyles for women. The blunt bob is one of the most common variations of bob hairstyles. What makes it different from others and why many celebrities decide to give it a try, you will find out in the following lines!

Blunt bob: Michelle Pfeiffer new haircut choice

Blunt Bob Michelle Pfeiffer new haircut choice

Today, an increasing number of women of all ages are opting for a bob haircut. So what exactly is the blunt bob, and what are its main positives? A blunt bob features a straight line at the ends that is as straight as a ruler. No layers or asymmetrical trims are associated with this hairstyle. Its biggest advantage is that it suits any face shape. The straight cut adds volume to the ends of the hair, and the strands look elegant and flawless. Blunt bob is easy to style and long-lasting. It is popular among fashion bloggers and celebrities. For example, recently, social media was literally flooded with the news of Michelle Pfeiffer saying goodbye to her long hair. She is currently loving her new blunt bob, and it is best shown in the smile we see in some of her latest photos! Her fans are also admiring this positive change, which is actually making interest in the blunt bob even stronger! Maybe it’s time you booked an appointment at the salon and got yourself a new and trendy look? We think so!

Is the blunt bob suitable for everyone?

modern short haircut silver highlights


As already mentioned, the blunt bob looks great on any face shape. However, its length can vary. Sometimes it reaches to the cheekbones and at other times it is lower, just below the shoulders. It all depends on what you’d prefer – a shorter or a longer cut. A straight line highlights your face by bringing out your best features. Also, the haircut is a good choice for girls with thin hair as it will be neatly styled at the ends. The short length will help in easier maintenance and styling to create volume. A blunt bob is a very natural hairstyle that particularly suits natural hair that has never been color-treated before. But if you like to experiment with hair colors, it can actually highlight their contrasts and create a stylish and original look!

Modern blunt bob variations

dark straight hair blunt cut bob

This hairstyle is a symbol of women’s independence. Many women feel like a real boss! Fortunately, there are many ways to do this bob to suit different hair textures. We will look at a few of them in the following lines. It’s also good to know that to maintain the shape of your hair, you should get it cut every six weeks. Naturally straight hair requires minimal time and effort for maintenance. But if your hair is thick, just ask your hairdresser to take away some of its volume.

Sleek blunt bob without bangs

black straight short hair with purple and blue highlights

The blunt bob without bangs is the most popular hairstyle, and this option is the most common among women. No matter how you decide to style your hair once you’ve got this stunning haircut, we’re sure you’ll be attracting plenty of stares! You can wear your hair straight, create a messy look with a few tousled locks. Or, if you’re a fan of coloring your hair too, you can try adding highlights for an even shinier look! You will be sleek and modern!

Stylish blunt bangs

shoulder length cut with blunt bangs

Straight bangs look extremely nice in combination with a blunt bob. This is a very classic look that is guaranteed to be a success! The blunt bob with blunt bangs is suitable for oval, triangular and elongated faces. The line above the eyes draws attention to them, so if you want to highlight them, this is the right way! Bangs can be short or long – whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy a beautiful and elegant look!

Elegant long side-swept bangs

blonde straight hair blunt cut bob side fringe

A fringe that falls down the side of the face combined with a blunt bob is especially suitable for ladies who want to create an extravagant and attractive look! The side bangs, just like the blunt ones, create an amazing contrast and highlight your cheekbones and eyes! You will not lose, on the contrary, you can only win if you choose a similar combination of haircut and bangs. Get ready for lots of compliments! If you trust your hairdresser enough, ask them to cut your hair in this modern and elegant way. You can also ask him to show you their previous bob haircuts, so you can really see the result on clients!

Blunt bob – Inspiring photo gallery

modern haircut straight line at the ends

Blunt cut and bangs on red hair

thick red hair blunt bob with blunt bangs

Elegant look with side fringe

side swept long bangs short blonde hair

Medium length blunt bob

medium length brown straight hair elegant look

Cute pastel peach hair color

blunt cut bob on straight hair jaw line

Curly bob with curtain bangs

blunt cut with curtain bangs curled black hair

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