What are sweater nails? Discover how to look trendy in this year’s holidays!

by Gabby

Do you know how to look irresistible for the holidays in 2022? I’m sure you’ve already made the necessary appointments with your hairdresser, cosmetician and nail artist. An outfit alone isn’t enough to get us feeling in festive mood, and we’ll need a trendy manicure to complete our look. How to constantly follow the trends since there are always new ones coming up? Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for! My Deavita ladies and I have made a new discovery this season, and it is the sweater nails! The delightful design will make your hands look like they’ve been touched with a magic wand! Let’s take a look at some of the best nails designs!

What is sweater nails? Find some of the best designs for the holidays!

sweater nails 2022 patern colors trendy how to do my manicure this christmas art design decoration

Sweater nails are this embossed pattern design, that became very trendy in the last few months of 2022. Many people were experimenting with the different designs, patterns colors and finishes. Normally they are made with acrylic powder, stickers or gel dipped into matte powder. You probably have seen the more in matte finish, however there are a few examples of glossy sweater nails that you can adapt for the holidays. Why are they called sweater nails? I mean you can probably see for yourself. They just remind you of the most cozy Christmas sweater you have! Now, let’s dive into the magic of this nail art and choose one for your next manicure appointment!

Christmas sweater nails

christmas sweater nails green mistletoe design decoration trendy art


I know there are a few days until Christmas, but if you happen to have a last minute manicure appointment, you can’t go wrong with this nail design! This green is so magnetic and trendy right now, it will make you feel absolutely in the mood fit for the holidays. This design on the picture as we can see is mixed with many techniques, for example French manicure, decorations, and sweater pattern. All of that is with matte finish.

Pink Christmas nails

pink christmas nails viva magenta color of the year 2023 design art decoration

If you want something suitable for business, work, and for the holidays as well this year, you have to try this matte manicure! For all the ladies who are in love with the color pink like me, I know you’ll appreciate this design. It’s completely matte as the latest trends portend and features the color of the year 2023 Viva Magenta. Here, we see the sweater pattern only on one nail of the hand, which makes it stand out more, but not to the point of being annoying to the eye. It is in the perfect way possible, very soft and elegant!

Blue and white nails

blue and white nails christmas decorations art designs trends manicure

The combination of blue with white has always been fashionable. What effect will you get if you do such nail art? I personally imagine when I look at this picture a lot of Christmas cheer, Queen Elsa from Frozen, and lots of snow. Well, I can’t help but mention that it highlights your complexion extremely well and brings it out. I would not recommend if you are pale. It’s not over the top, but it’s very trendy and festive. Here, the sweater nails are made into a French manicure, which is so chic! If you want white nails for the holidays, make sure to combine them with some blue shades!

Glossy effect nails

glossy sweater nails white gray christmas trends for 2022 manicure design art

Yes, as I already mentioned matte is back in full force in manicure trends. However, if you’re not ready to jump on this bandwagon, and you adore sweater nails, you can do them with a glossy effect! If you are not doing them yourself, just ask your nail artist to make them with gel and not dip them in matte powder. The rest of your nails can be with a different design, but still shiny.

Sparkle sweater nail design

sparkle sweater nail design trends decoration festive christmas new years art

I know there’s been a lot of talk recently about silver and how it’s starting to replace the gold. However, if you’ve got an outfit for the holidays that can’t do without a little gold sparkle, you’ve got to try this sweater nail art! Like I said, this effect is usually achieved with matte powders, but you can get creative and experiment! I think that this design calls for minimalistic, elegant outfits since the star of the show will definitely be your manicure!

Other ideas for sweater nails

christmas nail sweater decoration red color very cute and chic

Sage green nails with sweater pattern

sage green nails sweater pattern chic minimalistic manicure ideas trends

Glossy sweater nail effect in purple 

purple nails decoration trendy christmas art design manicure

Forest green nails – one of the trendiest colors in 2022 

forest green nails one of the trendiest colors in 2022 manicure style design

Romantic sweater nail design with a pink heart

sweater nail design with a little pink heart very romantic trendy valentines day holidays

Red Christmas nail design 

white and red nails for christmas trends in manicure for 2022 holidays

Try wearing pink Christmas nails this year!

pink christmas nails sweater pattern trendy chic cute design decorations

Pastel purple sweater nail art 

pastel purple nails design christmas decoration sweater snowflakes

Magnetic green sweater nail design 

deep green sweater nails 2022 what manicure design to do for the holidays

Pink and white decoration on nails 

pink and white nails manicure trends long ballerina coffin chic

Blue and white Christmas sweater nails

blue and white christmas nails decorations milkshake hot chocolate drawing

Deep chocolate brown 

deep chocolate brown nails trendy color in 2022 chic manicure short nail

Baby blue sweater nail design 

baby blue nails french manicure snowflakes christmas decoration sweater

Pink and magenta long manicure 

pink magenta nails with sweatre pattern trendy chic long manicure

Chic green sweater nails with french tips 

green french manicure tips sweater nails in 2022 trends

Try blue and pink cute nail design for this year’s holidays!

blue and pink sweater nails design for this years holidays trends cute

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