The butterfly haircut: Learn what makes the haircut so popular and find inspiring ideas and looks!

by Anjelina

Women with long hair have a hard time deciding on drastic changes in their look. No matter how trendy short hairstyles are, the very fact that it will take a long time for the hair to grow long again, somehow bothers them. But what to do if the desire for a style change still remains? It’s very simple – you give the butterfly haircut a chance! This recently popular haircut helps to refresh the look without losing length. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at it in detail! Keep reading!

What is the butterfly haircut?

butterfly haircut medium and long hair

The butterfly is a layered haircut. It looks a bit like a cascade, with the difference that the layers are much sharper. If your hair is long to begin with, the top layer ends at chin level, and the next is mid-shoulder length. The transitions should be abrupt and noticeable. Butterfly haircuts usually have very long bangs, which you can tuck behind your ears if you want and forget you have them. The haircut is quickly gaining popularity as it looks very light, airy and feminine.

What are the advantages of this haircut?

trendy hairstyles and cuts for long hair 2023


The main advantage of the butterfly haircut is its airiness and lightness, which is achieved by framing the face and shaping the ends of the hair in the right direction. If you come across a good hairdresser who knows what they’re doing, then you won’t need to spend a lot of time each day creating remarkable, natural-looking hairstyles, as your hair will look good enough. Having your hair cut correctly will ensure that it has the necessary chaotic direction that is the hallmark of the much-hyped butterfly haircut.

The main characteristic of this hairstyle is its unique shape. Not in vain the name of this hairstyle comes from the name of the beautiful insect. Each butterfly wing is unique. It is the same with the hairstyle: each strand is individually trimmed by the hairdresser to achieve the perfect length.

Who does the butterfly haircut suit?

long blonde hair in layers with curtain bangs

The butterfly cut is suitable for medium length and long hair. It is also ideal for those who are not sure what length they want to keep, as it is shorter at the front and longer at the back. The haircut suits all hair types, which means that it will add lightness, if you have thick, heavy hair. However, it will also give lots of volume to thin hair, which makes it so worth a try! If you opt for this hairstyle, your hairdresser must find the optimal length for each layer, so that the locks always look lively, light, voluminous and slightly curled.

The hairstyle is practically suitable for everyone! It will visually widen a long, thin or triangular face. And at the same time it will hide the puffy cheeks of the round and full face. Those of you with a square face would do well to pull the layers down as far as possible to avoid creating extra volume in the facial area.

What is the difference between layers and butterfly cut?

The main advantage of the butterfly haircut and what makes it so preferred by young women is that it creates the illusion that the hair is short when viewed from the front. At the same time, longer layers will fall beautifully at the back. As a result, your hair will be voluminous and very easy to maintain and style. You also won’t have to visit the hairdresser very often, as even if your hair gets longer, the layers will be as stunning as they were at the beginning!

How to style your butterfly haircut?

hair trends 2023 butterfly haircut long hair in layers

As a layered haircut, the butterfly looks good enough whether you choose to style it or not. This makes it extremely low-maintenance, which is always a great advantage, especially considering how busy we all are in our daily lives.

Overall, this is a hairstyle that lives a life of its own and gives your hair a little extra volume. Of course, if you take a few minutes in the morning to style your hair, it will look even more beautiful, and you will feel amazing. You’ll need to pay the most attention to your bangs, which often don’t look at their best when we get out of bed, regardless of their length. Sometimes they curl in a way that isn’t at all pleasing, so you may need to use a straightener. Before that, though, be sure to use a heat-protectant spray. If you like to wear your hair loose, we also advise you to create beautiful waves using a straightening or curling iron. But if you’re also good at blow-drying with a round brush, the results would be even more stunning! Your hair will be voluminous and well-shaped!

Butterfly haircut 2023 – Photo Gallery

gorgeous looking hair in layers butterfly haircut

Beautiful medium length dark hair with a fringe

beautiful layers medium length dark hair with a fringe

Long blonde layered hair with bangs

long blonde layered hair with bangs

The butterfly haircut on long dark hair

long dark brown hair in layers butterfly haircut

Trendy butterfly haircut and money piece highlights

long hair in layers and money piece highlights

Long bangs blend wonderfully with the rest of the hair

butterfly haircut beautiful haircut trends 2023

The butterfly cut looks stunning on straight hair as well

long straight blonde hair butterfly cut in layers


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