What shape of the eyebrows to get over 50? Tips and advice according to your individual face shape

by Kristiyana

The shape, colour, and thickness of the eyebrows are components which, if in perfect harmony, sublimate the face. But how to combine them so that they become an asset? The shape of the eyebrows has its own little story, too. What trends has it followed, and which one is the most flattering for you? Maybe you will find out in this article, because we have tried our best to give you some clues. Find out what shape of the eyebrows to get over 50!

Why is the shape of the eyebrows important?


In my opinion, the shape of the eyebrows should not be unified. I mean, it is important for the overall look and should depend on the face shape. Going back over the years, there have been many trends from the super thin drawn brows of the 1920s to the full, undone style of the 1970s. We even went through two long pandemic years when eyebrows were “resting” from the waxing. During this period, the eyebrows were left to grow freely. This allowed them to regain a natural shape and start from scratch. Although it is tempting to follow the beautista trends over the long term, not all styles are suitable for everyone. And whatever look you are going for, it is important to adapt it to your face shape and make it work for you.

What eyebrow shape for me over 50?



Thick, shiny brown eyebrows or the opposite, almost invisible, plucked and bleached, are not my cup of tea. The 2023 bleaching brow trend has even recently formed two diametrically opposed camps. In the end, everyone is free to make any decision about their eyebrows. However, finding the right shape can be a skill beyond our personal competence.

At the age of 50 and over, we undergo hormonal changes impacting our body: either excessive hair growth or hair loss. So the shape of the eyebrows becomes an aesthetic problem. Having an ageing and faded look is depressing, and we seek to remedy without resorting to drastic measures.

A magic trick suggests correctly applying an eyebrow pencil or powder. The result is a mini lift on a well-defined forehead that opens the eyes and lifts and frames the rejuvenated face. And maybe you fell for micrograyling? This permanent technique enhances sparse eyebrows with age. It redraws them to look more real, and you now have a way to restore your self-esteem!

How do eyebrows change the face?


To avoid making mistakes, it is important to be clear where your eyebrows should start, arch and end. Brow mapping gives the perfect guideline for understanding where they need growth, where excess hair can be removed, and where you need to fake it until you do it with brow products.

How to browse the fabulous map?

  1. Place the pencil on the side of your nose and hold it tilted towards the inner corner of the eye. The pencil should not go beyond the eye area. Where the edge of the pencil touches the brow line is the beginning and should be your starting point.
  2. Next, hold the pencil at the side of your nose, straight above the eye and where it touches the brow bone is your personal arch.
  3. Finally, place the pencil on the edge of your nose and line it up with the outer corner of your eye to find the tip of your eyebrow.

Along with using this handy trick to outline your eyebrows, you also need to consider your face shape when determining which eyebrows are the right for you.

Which eyebrows based on your face shape?


By inheriting the genes of our parents and grandparents, we can be blessed with a perfect shape of the eyebrows. They can be absolutely compatible with the structure of the face. Or, in the other case, we can be completely deprived of this favour. By following the golden rule of opting for an eyebrow shape opposite to the shape of the face, there is a solution to remedy each defect.

  • If you have a long face, you should opt for a low arch and straight, elongated eyebrows to add width to the face.
  • If, on the contrary, you have a round face where the length and width are about the same, you should opt for a high arch which will open up and slim the face.
  • Those with a square face have a more angular jawline, with the height and width of the face about the same. To soften the look, lift the brows with soft arches and give them an indefinite finish. Avoid pointy and angular eyebrows.
  • Similar to a long face shape, the length of rectangular faces is almost twice the width but with a more defined jawline. Opt for fuller, unstructured brow shapes to help reduce brow size. Soft, slightly more curved arches will soften the jawline.

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What face shape – what eyebrows?


You think long, round, square and rectangular shapes are the only ones to take in sight, but no!

A triangular face assumes a wider jawline than the forehead, so you can soften the features by adding volume and fullness to the eyebrows. Specialists advise keeping the arches low and curved, and not tapering the tail of the eyebrows downward.

There are people whose heart-shaped face is wider at the forehead than at the jawline and whose chin is pointed, so slightly thicker eyebrows can balance out the features. To help balance the chin, a soft, rounded arch and straighter eyebrows are ideal.

If you have a small forehead, a pointed chin, and wide cheekbones, you should keep the arches of your eyebrows rounded to soften that diamond-shaped face structure.

An oval face is symmetrical, and gives the idea of staying with a slight arch and making the eyebrows start and end at the same level.

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