Beautiful Eyebrows after 50: The Best Tips on How to Pluck and Apply Makeup to Your Brows!

by Kremy

Beautiful and perfectly shaped eyebrows give our face more contour and emphasize our facial features optimally. How to pluck eyebrows over 50 properly? Which brow shape makes you younger and how to get beautiful eyebrows after 50?

They give our face more structure, emphasize our eyes and have a major impact on our appearance – our eyebrows. You think that’s a bit exaggerated? We see it differently, because beautifully shaped eyebrows matter a lot more than you might think. In order to cheat away a few years, older women can use a wide variety of tips and tricks – and this applies to both makeup and our outfits. After all, we all want to keep our youthful and fresh look for as long as possible, and that only works with the right care. Okay, are there any tricks to get beautiful eyebrows after 50? How can you dye your eyebrows yourself and what products should not be missing in your handbag?

Beautiful Eyebrows after 50: These Makeup Tips Will Make You Look Younger

beautiful eyebrows after 50 tips how to dye your own eyebrows instructions

At Deavita, we firmly believe that age is nothing more than a number. It doesn’t matter whether you are 30 or 50 years old – every woman is beautiful, no matter how she dresses or what she wears. But when it comes to beautiful eyebrows after 50, there are actually a few tricks that will help you look a few years younger.

How to Pluck Eyebrows after 50 Properly?

beautiful eyebrows after 50 tips which eyebrow shape makes you look younger


As we age, our hair naturally thins, and so do our eyebrows. The hair follicles become weaker over time and the small hairs grow back slower and slower. The good news is that we no longer have to pluck our eyebrows every 2 days. But in order to have beautiful eyebrows after 50, proper care is still essential. How to properly pluck eyebrows after 50? To keep the brows in perfect shape, use a makeup mirror with a magnifying effect. Here’s a little tip – it’s best to pluck your eyebrows after you shower, as the steam and heat will soften your skin. This in turn makes the hairs much easier to pluck. Alternatively, you can place a warm towel on your face for 2-3 minutes just before plucking.

Find the Perfect Eyebrow Shape

get beautiful eyebrows after 50 how to dye your own eyebrows

Bushy, thin or completely natural? Finding the perfect eyebrow shape that best accentuates our features and flatters our face is not an easy task. The right shape makes us look fresher and can help cheat a few years off. If you are not sure how to get beautiful eyebrows after 50, you should try a stencil set. Simply choose the stencil that is closest to your natural brow shape. Color inside the stencil with some brow powder and then you can pluck away the colored hairs.

how to determine the best eyebrow shape after 50

Alternatively, you could determine your eyebrow shape using the pencil method. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

  • Place a pencil vertically on the wing of your nose and hold it straight up towards your eyebrows. Where the pencil meets the hair is where your eyebrows should start and anything in front of that line should be plucked.
  • Slowly move the pencil from the perpendicular position to the pupil and where it intersects the eyebrow is the highest point of your brows.
  • You determine the end point by placing the pencil at the outer corner of the eye – the eyebrows should end where it crosses the eyebrow.

You Need These Styling Tools

beautiful eyebrows after 50 tips how to pluck eyebrows properly

In order to get beautiful eyebrows after 50, there are some tools that should not be missing in any makeup bag. In addition to high-quality tweezers, you will also need small scissors, an angled brush and a spoolie brush. The older we get, the longer the so-called “rogue hair” grows – and this is where the scissors come into play. For the perfect shape and youthful look, brush your brows up first and then use the scissors to trim the longer hairs. The angled brush makes applying eyebrow powder or pomades a breeze and is a must for anyone who wants to apply eyebrow makeup after 50. And a spoolie brush helps to bring the brows into their natural position and remove excess makeup products.

How to Apply Eyebrow Makeup?

eyebrow makeup after 50 how to dye your own eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows after 50 give our face more character and make us look younger immediately. But unfortunately, with time, small gaps appear again and again and the hairs no longer grow back. An eyebrow pencil is ideal to fill the gaps and makeup the eyebrows. To achieve the most natural result possible, you should always choose a shade that matches your hair color or your hairline. If you have light brown or blonde hair, opt for soft, light brown tones. The darker your hair is, the stronger the eyebrow color should be. However, keep in mind that eyebrows that are too dark can quickly appear artificial and, if in doubt, choose lighter shades.

With Eyebrow Pencil

how to pluck eyebrows properly after 50 which eyebrow shape makes you younger

Here is a quick guide on how to apply makeup to eyebrows with eyebrow pencil:

  • First brush the brows with a fine brow brush and draw small strokes in the gaps with a thin eyebrow pencil. Always start at the bridge of your nose and slowly apply the color towards your temples.
  • Give yourself more time, because the finer the strokes, the more natural your eyebrows will look.

Eyebrow Makeup with Eyebrow Powder

Eyebrow powder is another popular way to get beautiful eyebrows after 50. To guarantee the most natural result possible, most products usually come in two shades of brown. You apply the powder with a rough, small brush, which is usually included in the set. The powder can work wonders, especially for women with very thin and light eyebrows, and is ideal for filling small gaps in the eyebrows. To do this, first brush the brows into the right shape and then put some powder on the brush. Then place the brush on the inner edge and carefully apply in the direction of growth.

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Here’s How You Can Dye Your Eyebrows Yourself

how to dye your own brows after 50

If you want a youthful look, you can of course dye your eyebrows yourself. You can now find many dye sets in different colors online and in every drugstore that are ideal for this. And so that nothing goes wrong, we shall explain how to dye eyebrows yourself step by step:

  • First remove make-up and skin oil from the eyebrows with facial tonic and apply a moisturizing cream.
  • Use the brush included in the set to dye the desired shape of the brows in the direction you want. It looks particularly natural if you paint the back part first and then the front part.
  • Allow the color to take effect according to the instructions on the package and then wipe off thoroughly with a damp cloth or cotton pad. Remember the following – the longer the color works, the darker the eyebrows will be.
  • And voilà – it’s that easy to dye your own eyebrows!

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