How to Recycle Faded Flower Petals? 6 Colorful and Aesthetic DIY Projects!

by Kremy

How to recycle faded flower petals? What DIY items to make to give a unique touch to your home? Can they be used in cosmetics?

recycle faded flower petals diy home decoration

Do you know that it is quite possible to reuse faded flower petals in several DIY projects? There are many inexpensive and easy to make ideas available to you and we have selected the best of them. From potpourri to perfume the house to natural body scrubs, including gift wrapping… there’s something for every occasion!

6 Ways to Recycle Faded Flower Petals

recycle faded flower petals diy projects home decorating ideas


Today, the editorial staff offers you some aesthetic DIY projects that you will certainly appreciate. Do you have a pretty bouquet at home which is fading, but don’t fancy throwing it away? Do you want to reuse the petals or the whole heads? How to succeed? Here are 6 ideas to get your imagination going.

How to Make Potpourri with Rose Petals?

how to make potpourri with rose petals idea homemade potpourri faded flower petals

A must-have decorative element in every home, potpourri is very simple to make and does not require any specific skills. For an interior that smells naturally good and makes us feel at home! You can make potpourri with any kind of flower, and it’s an ideal way to recycle faded flower petals, especially those of roses. Since your petals are already dried, you can skip the drying process and go straight to mixing.

To make a homemade potpourri with rose petals, start by gently peeling them off, or use the whole heads. Then mix the following ingredients in a decorative bowl: 1/4 cup dried rosemary, 1/2 cup dried lavender, 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves, cinnamon and orange peel. Add a few drops of rose or lavender oil. Stir with a wooden spoon and place on your coffee table.

Homemade Body Scrub Recipe

homemade body scrub recipe reuse faded flower petals

How about concocting an exfoliating scrub at home to pamper your skin naturally? Quick and easy to prepare, homemade body scrubs help remove dead skin cells and leave the skin soft and shiny. Plus, you can only use ingredients that you already have in the cupboard. Needless to say that you’ll also recycle faded flower petals.

homemade body scrub recipe recycle faded flower petals

So, get a glass jar with an airtight seal and wash it well with soapy water. Let it dry completely before putting a cup of fine sugar in it. Add a few drops of rosehip oil and stir. Keep adding oil gradually until the mixture looks like wet sand. Add about 1/4 cup of dried petals (rose or calendula) in a blender and blend until very fine. Transfer to the sugar-oil mixture, stir and voila! Use on wet skin in circular motions and remember to moisturize at the end.

  • Good to know: Rosehip oil is renowned for its moisturizing properties, as well as its ability to improve skin texture and even skin tone.
  • Warning: Regardless of its type, the homemade body scrub should be avoided on irritated skin.

Homemade Candles

recycle faded flower petals to make homemade candles

Making a homemade candle is not only inexpensive, it’s also an excellent idea for a personalized gift for your loved ones. Needless to say, this is an ideal opportunity to recycle faded flower petals. For homemade candles, you will need the following ingredients: 4 cups of soy wax, 8 candle wicks, 8 glass candle containers, lavender and rosemary essential oil, spent/dried flowers.

recycle faded flower petals diy candles ideas

The first step is to insert the wicks into the chosen containers. To do this, attach them to the bottom of the containers using hot glue. You can also use pencils. Next, melt the soy wax in a double boiler, stirring if necessary. You can also use a small saucepan, but be aware that it would no longer be suitable for cooking. Once the wax has melted, pour in 15 drops of lavender oil and 30 drops of rosemary oil. Mix well. Pour in the hot wax, taking care that the wicks do not move (be careful not to burn yourself). Leave to set completely, then cut the wicks to desired length.

recycle faded flower petal diy candles

Regarding the addition of faded flower petals, it is better to use them as a decoration on top, as shown in the image above, and to remove them before lighting the candle. Some people decide to put the petals in the containers before pouring the wax. However, this is a bad idea, because there is a risk of a mini fire.

How to Reuse Faded Flower Petals? Make Your Own Home Fragrance!

natural home perfume recycle faded flower petals

Reusing faded flower petals to create a natural home fragrance is a great idea! In addition, there’s nothing complicated about making it. To concoct this flower spray, get a spray bottle and fill it with distilled water and witch hazel in equal parts. Then add 15-30 drops of your favorite essential oil and shake the bottle to mix everything well. Finally, slip in your faded flower petals and you’re done!

We recommend that you choose a glass bottle and decorate it as you see fit for a personalized touch. Think of a label indicating the ingredients of your home interior fragrance, a delicate ribbon or a branch of eucalyptus… you certainly have a lot of options.

Flower Decoration for Gift Wrapping

recycle faded flower petal gift wrapping and decorating ideas

Looking for an original gift-wrapping idea? Stop searching, you’ve come to the right place! Faded flower petals are a gorgeous way to spruce up and refresh any gift wrapping. In fact, you have two options: either use only the petals or the whole flowers. Both methods work beautifully and will be well appreciated by your loved ones.

Faded flower petals can be used with most wrapping paper, but we recommend you opt for the most minimalist designs. Thus, the flowers will be the main accent of the decoration. The winning combination? Craft paper and jute twine, as shown in the example above.

Reuse Faded Flower Petals to Decorate Your Walls

recycle faded flower petals diy frame home decoration

Our last idea is to upcycle faded flower petals to make a pretty, original frame to hang on an empty wall. If this idea appeals to you, place the flowers between the pages of a book. Then put more books on top of it. After about two weeks, the flowers will be pressed and flattened and you could put them in a frame to embellish your walls in an original, natural and trendy way!



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