5 Common Garden Design Mistakes to Avoid for a Perfect Landscape

by Kristiyana

How to create the best garden design for your home? What should you avoid in your landscaping plans? The 5 most common garden design mistakes to consider.

Which Are the Most Common Garden Design Mistakes to Avoid?

garden design basics common garden design mistakes

Who wouldn’t want to have the perfect garden that corresponds with their personal style and preferences? Whether you are moving into a new place and can’t wait to start on your garden, or just feel like it needs some work done, there are pointers that you should first consider before you start designing. Often when we are rushing to create the perfect garden design, we make mistakes that will later cost us a lot of resources to repair. Where should you place your cosy small patio? Which plants should you choose? The garden design mistakes to beware of right here.

Don’t Purchase All Your Plant Life in Flowers

don't buy all plants in flower garden design mistakes


When we are designing a new garden, often many of us rush to purchase flowers, so we can make an instant impact with our landscaping design. However, you shouldn’t be tamed by the beautiful flower pants you see at the farmer’s market that will only last you a short while, leaving your garden with little to look at later. Instead, plan out which plants should be planned in each season. Don’t just opt for the ones that seem most pretty and are easy to care for, but choose plants that are suitable for planting and growing either in summer, spring, autumn, and winter. After you’ve selected the ones you want, think about how they will mix together, taking into consideration the shapes they will grow into, their colours, and textures. Plant them in such an order that you think will create the best and most beautiful garden design.

Be Sure Not to Place Plants in Unsuitable Areas

garden design mistakes planting plants in unsuitable locations

Another very common garden design mistake that many gardeners, unfortunately, make is creating plant life in unsuitable areas. We already mentioned how sometimes you might be in a hurry to start on your lavish grand garden, but if you want your plants to really thrive, you should at least first read the care label in their plant pot or search/ask for tips and advice on proper maintenance. Some plants require a lot of sunlight, others prefer a shaded area. But it’s not only the place where you plant that is important, but the soil as well. Often, gardeners make the mistake of not testing the soil PH before beginning to plant. Having this information can help you to know how to plant accordingly and which plants will be most likely to thrive. The tests are quite affordable, and they will save you a lot of time and heartache.

Garden Design Mistakes: Clashing Colours

garden design mistakes avoid clashing colours

Who doesn’t appreciate a charming, colourful, and vibrant garden design? Reds, yellows, oranges, and pinks, more often than not we start to create a garden design that can come to be overwhelming for our eyes. For starters, you might think that surrounding your reddish house with red flowers is probably the best idea ever, but wouldn’t it be better if you planted greenery that could stand against the backdrop? As an example, if your house is in a darker colour, plant flowers in the front in yellow, white and orange to make an impact and avoid clashing hues. For lighter coloured houses, choose plants in blue, purple and red to plant in the front. Such garden design tips will really make your home and landscape pop and look more organized.

Avoid Placing Your Patio Right Next to Your House

don't place patio close to the house best placement for patio

One of the most common garden design mistakes a lot of homeowners make is putting the patio directly next to their house. Sure, that might seem like the right decision to make at the time, but positioning it there might not always make it the best place for seating and dining. Building your patio further from the house may actually mean that you use it more. But where is the best place to position it? Think about where the light falls during the day and when you will be using the patio. Would you prefer to rest there after a hard day’s work? Then you should choose to place your patio further from your home, as the farther it is, the more likely will it be able to catch the light coming from the setting sun. Consider such pointers before deciding on a patio location.

Consider the Architecture of Your Home Before Designing

mismatched garden design garden design mistakes

On the topic of common garden design mistakes, another thing that many homeowners do when trying to create the perfect landscape is not considering the architecture and style of their home and the buildings that surround it. As an example, if you have a renovated Victorian style home, its classical style will not pair nicely with a garden design that is of a more modern type. A similar out-of-place effect can also be achieved if your house has a contemporary architecture and style, and you design a garden with large and showy flowers. Don’t rush into creating the perfect garden landscape, but think what would pair best, and make both your home and garden pop. You can look for tips online or ask a neighbour or common gardener for advice on what garden style you should go for based on the structure of your home. Plan ahead, so you can avoid an expensive garden remodelling later.

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