20 Free & Easy DIY Patio Furniture Plans for Your Summer Oasis

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

The time has come when we can finally enjoy some peace and quiet, relaxing on our patios, with a cold drink in one hand and a book in the other. However, it often happens that after the long months of harsh cold weather, snow and storms, our patio and garden furniture come to be in need of a makeover. Buying new outdoor furniture might not be the cheapest solution, so some of us resort to creative thinking. And what does that mean? Well, making and designing your own outdoor furniture, of course! Find now 20 free and easy DIY patio furniture plans to create the home oasis of your dreams.

Free & Easy DIY Patio Furniture Plans

free diy outdoor furniture plans

To start off your plans for making DIY patio furniture, you must first think of a sofa. An outdoor sofa is an essential part of creating a comfortable and relaxing seating area for you and your family and friends. The sofa featured in the image above is made completely out of pallets. When it comes to DIY furniture, pallets are a great choice of material. They are cheap and easy to come by. After you are done building it, layer your sofa with blankets and cushions.

Slatted Wooden Bench with Pine Boards

easy diy patio bench

Want to build something easy, yet stylish for your small patio on a budget? For this slatted wooden bench, you will need pine boards and wood glue. You can even play a little with the design and paint over it or add some stains. This will give it a completely unique look. The bench is great for patios, decks, and gazebos.

DIY Patio/Backyard Cabana Lounge Plan

diy backyard cabana lounge

Looking for a way to hide yourself from the sun, yet still enjoy a quiet afternoon in the summer? A DIY cabana is the way to go! Creating your own cabana is a cheap and easy DIY patio furniture plan that will bring you great comfort. As an idea, you can make a cabana out of durable curtain fabric and copper pipes. This will be the little homemade luxury in your patio or backyard.

Easy DIY Patio Furniture Plans: Side Table

easy diy patio side table

Another essential item that must be featured in your patio design, is a stable side table. A side table is where you can place your cocktails, snacks, or even a vase with freshly-picked flowers. This DIY wooden side table would be easy to build even for a beginner. If you prefer, you can even paint over it or, if you are good with the brush, create a beautiful and original design,

DIY Outdoor Patio Wooden Bar Idea

easy diy patio bar

Where are we without a bar? I have to say, building a wooden outdoor bar for my patio sure does sound compelling…oh, and what if it was one on wheels?! Now that’s the dream. This DIY patio bar idea right here has just enough shelves and room to fit anything that your heart can desire. You can use some of the lower shelves to place your candles, lanterns and small plants, and leave the top shelf for a luxurious bar table design. Awesome, right?

Porch Swing for a Relaxing Atmosphere

easy diy patio swing bed

Want to try something a bit more challenging? Then this DIY porch swing design is just what you are looking for. A porch swing is a fun and cool DIY patio furniture idea that can be built by a more advanced beginner woodworker. For it, you will need one two-by-four piece of wood, some hardware for building and rope. Layer your finished swing with comfy blankets, colourful cushions, and you can even place a trendy outdoor carpet beneath the swing where you can relax your feet.

More Free & Easy DIY Patio Furniture Plans

diy patio bar cart

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diy wood spool table

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diy patio furniture ideas that are simple and cheap

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diy outdoor coffe table

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easy diy coffe table with herb garden

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easy diy garden swing chair

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easy diy patio furniture daybed ideas

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easy backyard furniture projects

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easy diy patio sofa plan

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how to furnish a patio for cheap

Super cool DIY patio side table + cool storage idea

diy outdoor side table with lid removed

DIY wooden patio bench with colourful patterned cushions

diy patio furniture plans

Free & easy DIY patio furniture plans with pallets

easy diy patio furniture

Eco-friendly leftover pallet wood patio sofa

free diy patio sofa plans




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