Outdoor Carpet/Rug Trends 2023: 10+ Options for Your Garden or Balcony

by Kristiyana

Just a few more days until the official first day of Spring. I don’t know about you, but where I live, people are already getting ready to put up their barbecues and enjoy some quality time with family and friends in their gardens or backyards. Others are spicing things up with new trendy furniture for their balconies and patios, and me, well, I am looking for the perfect outdoor carpet or rug! It must be something with a stylish and intricate design, yet soft on my feet and weather-resistant. Any ideas? Why not look through these 10+ trendy options for outdoor carpets and rugs for your garden or balcony in Spring/ Summer 2023?

Monstera print outdoor rug

outdoor carpet outdoor rug

If you are looking for a fun, vibrant, and easy to clean design, opt for the Monstera print cream outdoor rug this 2023. This carpet is made to resist fading from the sun and weather conditions. The top is from wool, hence it will be soft on your feet. You can get it 4 feet/1.22 m to 10 feet/ 3 m long. Make a statement with the monstera print rug this spring and summer season.

Vintage florals carpet for outside

vibrant rugs outdoor carpet


Who doesn’t love vintage florals? They can add a touch of style and beauty to everything. This rug is inspired by classic Turkish textiles, and it’s a great traditional design to be displayed under your garden dining table. It’s make from polyester, which makes it weather resistant. Plus, the vintage florals rug is easy to clean with a vacuum or broom.

Stain-resistant outdoor carpet

 outdoor carpet outdoor carpeting

Tired of constantly cleaning stubborn stains? You won’t have to with this outdoor carpet! It’s stain resistant and also a great option to display in areas with lots of sunlight. This carpet does not absorb moisture and is easy to maintain. Plus, you won’t have to worry about colour fade.

Whimsical florals for wooden floor

outdoor carpet balcony balcony rug

Looking for a cute rug to put under your trendy balcony furniture this year? These whimsical florals would look great on your wooden balcony floors. The beautiful blue colour would blend easily with any colour palette. It’s made from polypropylene, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about stains and spills.

Boho Iris Medallion outdoor carpet

boho rugs boho outdoor carpet

For Spring 2023, why not opt for a large Iris Medallion outdoor carpet to create some Boho vibes for your garden or balcony? Boho carpets/rugs were just made for the outdoors! This carpet will easily match with any of your furniture, not to mention your greenery. Soft on your feet, the vintage look of this carpet won’t create many troubles when it comes to maintenance.

Soft carpet in an earthly tone

what type of carpet is best for outdoor use red outdoor rug

Or maybe you want to add some colour to your backyard? Then this soft carpet in a rich red earthly tone is just for you! Again made from polypropylene, this carpet is sturdy and weather-resistant. Its texture is reminiscent of woven textiles. The carpet is thinner, hence it will dry a lot faster. Ideal choice for Spring/Summer 2023.

Black and white modern outdoor carpet

black and white carpeting outdoor carpet ideas

To cover a larger area, you can go with this modern print of small off-white crosses against a black background. It’s super stylish and will add a chic accent to your garden or balcony. The carpet is machine-washable and water-resistant. You also won’t have to worry about fading or mould.

Outdoor runners rug in black & white

black and white rugs outdoor runner rugs

Or maybe you want to go with a runners rug for your balcony or garden? I don’t think you will be sorry with this black and white option. Runners rugs are great for small balconies or to highlight a pathway. The high-contrast and traditional pattern of this rug will create an eye-catching effect for the displayed area of choice. Plus, it’s expertly machine-woven and resistant to stains, weather, and sunlight.

Stylish geometric rug for outside

checkered rug checkered outdoor carpet

A soft and stylish design, this trendy geometric shapes rug would look great on your balcony or patio. It’s made from durable synthetic fibres, so you can easily display it in any area of your home. The design is also easily compatible with most furniture options.

Neutral shades with a subtle geometrics

easy to clean rugs easy to clean carpets

And wouldn’t this rug be the ideal choice for a fantastic roof garden design? This, of course, if you have the options to create one. Likewise, this neutral-palette rug with subtle geometric shapes will create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere for your garden or balcony. It’s made from polypropylene, which by now you know that it is weatherproof and stain-resistant. Easy to clean with a hose.

Gray and chic rug for the garden

geometric rug geometric carpet

To add a subtle chic accent to your garden, go with this shades of gray geometric shapes rug. It’s eye-catching, and the beautiful and soft texture will really spice things up outdoors just in time for Spring 2023!

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