Maximalism interior design: Top tips on how to maximize comfort and harmony at home!

by Anjelina

Everyone strives to create a cozy space in their home that suits their individuality. In many ways, this is why maximalism in interior design is gaining more and more popularity. Developing in contrast to the Scandinavian and minimalist aesthetics, it is becoming one of this year’s major trends. So, in today’s article, we’re going to take a detailed look at what exactly maximalism interior design is and how we can incorporate its concept when we are designing our space at home.

What is the concept of maximalism?

what is the concept of maximalism interior design

As you can guess, maximalism is completely at odds with minimalism. It’s about organizing your space in such a way that you’re surrounded by all the things that bring you joy or memories – family photos, grandma’s fancy china set, your vinyl record collection, embroidered pillowcases, etc. The challenge itself comes from how to arrange it all to create a harmonious and cozy atmosphere. This interior design trend suits those who are creative and want to see more expression and dynamism in their living space.

What are the characteristics of maximalism?

Maximalism fills the entire space with different colors, textures and bright details. It can actually appear in many styles or be a combination of styles. What makes it unique is the abundance of elements, colors and possessions that are usually more than what is necessary at first glance, but at the same time create a harmonious and complete space. In other words, maximalism is a combination of “too many” colors, furniture, and decorations. However, all of this makes it extremely artistic and appealing to people with imagination and a distinct sense of individuality and taste. Maximalism in interior design has a place for everything – handmade objects, bright textiles, souvenirs, or unusual lamps. The important thing is that they blend well and express your individuality.

Maximalism interior design – a sense of individuality and history

maximalism interior design a sense of individuality and history


We can view maximalism in interiors as a well-organized chaos in which everything is in its place. It should by no means be associated with some anarchy of color or seen as a collection of objects gathering dust. On the contrary, maximalism is far from that – all possessions are united by their emotional connection to the owner. Maximalist design creates a sense of individuality and history. It is a specific approach to the organization of living space that reflects a particular way of thinking.

Tips on how to create a harmonious space and avoid mistakes

tips on how to create a harmonious space and avoid mistakes

At first glance, it seems that a maximalist interior is very easy to create. But in fact, it requires a lot of taste, style, and not least, knowing when you need to stop. It’s also not easy to make sure that every detail is in place and harmonizes well with everything else. No, decorating a room in the maximalist style is definitely not an easy task! That’s why we’ve put together a few essential tips to help you create a cozy space.

Combination of colors

The combination of colors in interior is important main predominant color

When it comes to colors, maximalism sets no limits. Typically, maximalist interiors have an abundance of bright colors that harmonize beautifully with each other. If you don’t know exactly how to go about it, then opt for one main color for the walls, choose another for the furniture, and textiles. All the other colors can come from the small objects and decorations that will fill the space.

Consider wallpaper or other accents for the walls

Consider wallpaper or other accents for the walls to make effect

Use the walls to make a great accent. Choose textile wallpapers with embossing, unusual textures or whimsical patterns. Wallpapers are increasingly used in interior design today when we want to achieve spectacular walls. Or if you are not a big fan of those, keep the walls plain but decorate them with paintings, mirrors or family photos. It’s important to have plenty of things that give you comfort, color and a positive vibe.

Choice of furniture and textiles

Choice of furniture and textiles for maximalism interior design

Use the furniture you like. There are no special rules here. However, it would be better if the furniture was lighter in color, but more importantly it should be comfortable. For example, soft armchairs and pouffes to rest in and enjoy your privacy. If you want to achieve a very cozy and cheerful mood, then choose bright textiles. It’s not just about curtains and carpets, but you can go for a variety of colorful cushions that you can place on the floor too. Why not?

Think about lighting

Think about lighting when designing a space lighting fixtures

It’s always good to have a well-lit room. If you don’t have large windows and natural light is not enough, consider at least a few light fixtures. And we don’t just mean the chandelier. There are plenty of sconces, bedside lamps, and why not a designer floor lamp? Just keep in mind that the light coming from the different lamps should be the same color (warm or cold) so as not to irritate the eyes, and so the room will look more harmonious.

Details are very important

details are important when organizing a cozy harmonious space

Harmony in a well-ordered chaos comes from attention to detail. Choose the things that make you feel cozy and find the right places to put them – family photos, old wooden candlesticks, your grandmother’s colorful carpet, all kinds of trinkets and souvenirs are welcome.

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