Pinterest interior design trends 2023: We’ll see these 6 designs blooming everywhere this year!

by Kristiyana

While 2023 fashion trends are my speciality, I would also like to share with you my tips and decorating ideas on what’s new in interior design this year. And it’s good timing, because Pinterest has recently revealed the designs that we will be seeing a lot of in the next twelve months! Vibrant colours, eco-friendly decor, vintage items found at flea markets… full steam ahead on all the great Pinterest 2023 spring-summer interior design trends that we’ll soon be seeing everywhere!

What are the top interior design trends 2023 according to Pinterest ?

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Every year, after gift unwrapping has passed, we have experienced the big post-holiday detox, and right before the start of the winter sales, the season of Pinterest home decor trends comes around! Are you planning a little makeover for your living room, bedroom, or entryway in the next few months? All the more reason to discover what’s new in interior design according to my favourite source of inspiration, which will tells us what our homes will look like this year! If you loved the 2022 interior design trends, don’t you worry, I’m here to reassure you that some of them will continue to mix in with the new ones. Mushrooms, bright tones, second-hand objects… here’s a lot of inspiration to give your home a makeover, according to the biggest interior design trendsetter!

The color orange from every angle in interior design

orange 2023_orange in interior design


Whether you like it or not, bright colours will be the stars of your home this year! And the vintage orange of the seventies will be at the top of the list! If fashionistas have already invited this vibrant colour into their dressing rooms, interior design lovers will also soon give into it and transform their homes. In small touches through decorative objects such as candles, lamps or cushions. Or going for a statement orange wall, a curtain, or a sofa, orange will be THE key color of the year. And it will guarantee a real psychedelic atmosphere! Hah! I’m particularly fond of terracotta orange, which has already made its mark in the modern kitchen of 2023.

Pet-inspired decor as an interior design trend

pet-inspired decorations_pet decor

Good news for decorating enthusiasts who have pets: pets will play a huge part in the big Pinterest 2023 home decor trends! And especially if they are accompanied by decorative items, specially designed for cats and dogs. Play houses, personalized creative eating bowls and baskets, doggie pools, DIY ponds, etc. The latest in home decor (and outdoor decor) offers everything to set up a little paradise for your four-legged friend!

Antique and affordable unique items 2023 trend

antique furniture_antique decorations

For a while now, flea market accounts have been multiplying on social networks. The result? The second hand is about to dethrone fast fashion and become a real way of living in 2023… And you’ll like it! More than just decorating your home for a small price, flea markets also allow you to unearth unique and virtually unobtainable decorative objects, which you can even buy off the net! Instagram accounts, e-boutiques, garage sales… There are several easy options to get small treasures to decorate your home, while also respecting the planet. The right decorating approach to adopt this year, according to Pinterest? Mixing antiques with contemporary decorating elements to create a maximalist, Bohemian or 100% personalized interior!

Decorating your entrance trend in 2023

decorated entryway_interior design trends for 2023

“Entryway design will no longer be the big forgotten item in 2023,” says Pinterest! According to the interior design trendsetter, the first impression is always of crucial importance when you invite guests over. Therefore, it is out of the question to skip decorating this corner of the house! For 2023, with the right decorating ideas, it will become a room in its own right, just like the kitchen, living room and bedroom. The idea? Make the most of it and get the most out of it! So, build yourself a porch, invest in a pretty side table to place vintage objects upon, a modern lamp to light up the space or even display plants to create a welcoming energy. After all, you’ll never have another chance to make a good first impression!

Have a practical green mind for your designs

eco-friendly decor_plants decor

With the pandemic and the infinite number of confinements we have suffered, having a small green garden has become a necessity. In order to maintain your outdoor green corner or your green wall on the balcony, in 2023, we adopt sustainable and eco-responsible practices. For example, we try to have a beautiful urban garden without consuming too much water by looking for a way (or a tool) to collect rainwater. Likewise, we favour plants that do not require too much water, that are easy to care for and prefer dry environments. In the bathroom, we swap the bathtub for an Italian shower, to do Mother Nature a favour!

Psychedelic shapes for interior design in 2023

psychedelic decor_mushroom decor

2023 will be the year of the magic mushroom, according to Pinterest experts! And no, it’s not a joke! In the living room, kitchen, bedroom or even the bathroom, the mushroom will be as much a decorative object as any other one. Playful, colourful and crazy, they will announce the return of psychedelic forms in our interiors. But how to get the most desirable decorative object of the moment to transform your indoor space? At Ikea, of course! Among the products of the new collection of January 2023, the craze for the mushroom lamp continues to grow. You can also find your favourite item in other places like H&M Home, Kare design or Sostrene Grene.

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