Lyn Slater’s hairstyles: 10+ ideas inspired by the “accidental icon” that will make you look younger!

by Anjelina

“Old is the new gold” – it seems like this is the motto of famous fashion Instagrammer Lyn Slater, and she totally proves it! At the age of 69, this woman is an example and inspiration for anyone who wants to add a little sparkle to their daily lives. With over 760k followers, she certainly has a lot to show. But today we’re going to take a closer look at her hair. So if you’re wondering which haircut to choose, check out this article and try one of the icon’s looks. Without a doubt, the result will be classy, elegant and more than breathtaking. Bonus: we guarantee a younger look that will make you stand out from the crowd. Let’s now take a look at Lyn Slater’s hairstyles!

Lyn Slater’s short hairstyles


For the accidental icon, hairstyle is a way to express herself. It’s the most important accessory for her, and she wears it with pride, despite the appearance of gray color. In fact, it is a significant hair trend that influences thousands of women who find that middle age is a plus. And that’s the way it should be! Age is just a number that shouldn’t put limits and dictate how one should dress, style or apply makeup. It’s a matter of personal taste, the main goal of which is to feel good about yourself.



When it comes to Lyn Slater’s short hairstyles, we’ve seen many variations over the years. From the tapered pixie cut and the lop, through shaved sides haircuts, to the trendy bowl cut, she really likes to experiment with her hair. In fact, the reason is that Lyn Slater likes to change her appearance every time when she marks a special event in her life.

Lyn Slater’s medium and long hairstyles


During her childhood, Lyn Slater had very short hair, cut in a pixie cut style. It was her mother’s decision, however, it seems that she got used to wearing a boyish hairstyle, but it also had a touch of delicate femininity. Still, she tested out some mid-length hairstyles. We are talking about the asymmetrical bob, the blunt bob, the bob with bangs… In fact, the various variations of the French bob.


So if you want to get a haircut like Lynn Slater, go for a shoulder-length bob with straight or curly bangs. If you want to age in style, we also suggest you check out our article with tips on how to maintain your gray hair naturally.

The icon’s hair routine

hair-routine-of-icone-Lyn-Slater Lyn Slater’s hairstyles

When it comes to hair routine, the first thing to note is that Lyn Slater has straight, thick hair. So how does she manage to look so gorgeous every day? The secret lies in the perfect hairstyle and high quality products she uses. Even though she shampoos every other day, her hair looks healthy and truly flawless. To protect and nourish your hair, you need to use a proper hair treatment method daily. Blow-drying is also important, as it stimulates the capillaries in the scalp, which increases blood circulation and the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

In terms of products, texturizing hair products are a must-have, especially if you have decided to go for a short hairstyle. So opt for a volume mist or a dry texturizing spray. Using a hair dryer is not really mandatory, according to Lyn. You can air dry your hair from time to time.

Photo Gallery

blunt bob haircut women after 60 Lyn Slater’s hairstyles

A truly original woman who leads an interesting life

sophisticated-style-and-trendy-winter-woman-60-years-old-Lyn Slater’s hairstyles

Dare to have a punky look!


The trendy bowl cut that is all the rage

trendy bowl haircut lyn slater

Give way to everything new

lyn slater's hairstyles long lob and side swept bangs

Use hair accessories to enhance your look

chic accessory for hair women after 60

The short square bob with bangs

french bob and short bangs

Fashion is definitely not a matter of age
asymmetrical-haircut-woman-60-years-old Lyn Slater’s hairstyles
Modern Undercut Bob Haircut

Mid-Length Haircut with Bangs

mid-length-cut-with-bangs-white-hair Lyn Slater’s hairstyles

A hairstyle shaved on the sides in icy gray color

lyn-slater's-lop-hairstyle Lyn Slater’s hairstyles

XXL glasses to match the perfect hairstyle

lyn slater's hairstyles french bob

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