Grey hardwood floors in interior design and cool color combinations

by Kremy

grey hardwood floors living room interior fireplace ideas

Grey hardwood floors come in so many varieties – light and dark, monochrome, striped and the fact that different wood species vary in shade, grain and pattern make these floors really unique. Hardwood floors are a timeless classic and add to the cozy atmosphere of the home. In addition, they fit perfectly into any home decor style. These floors have great insulating properties and are therefore also suitable for floor heating. Gray hardwood floors are trendy, stylish and work with any home furnishings.

Grey hardwood floors – the charm of gray color and its numerous shades

grey hardwood floors color shades solid wood flooring options


Grey hardwood floors create a feeling of stability, they can relieve the stress and pressure that we feel in our hectic daily lives. The gray color is especially trendy in interior design and we see it as wall color, sofa color, kitchen cabinet color, etc. Grey hardwood floors are not reserved for contemporary or minimalist interiors. They look equally well in rustic, Shabby chic or industrial decors. Unlike black, gray does not steal the attention but creates a balance. One of the most common problems of gray floors is that some people feel some shades of the gray color cold. However, gray comes in numerous hues and it is not a problem to choose a shade which suits your personal taste, wall and furniture colors and the overall interior color scheme. Moreover, you can use materials like fir, velvet, wool which will complement your gray flooring and add warmth and texture to the interior design. When choosing the gray stain for your hardwood floor, remember that dark colors can visually decrease the living space while light shades add to the volume, so light to medium grays are a good choice, especially when you want a room to look airy, spacious and elegant.

How to combine grey hardwood floors and interior color palettes?

grey hardwood floors contemporary living room white seating furniture

The biggest advantage of gray hardwood floors is that they can be successfully combined with almost any other color and depending on the desired effect you can add warm shades for a soft and intimate atmosphere, colder tones for more formal rooms, softer shades of gray which look elegant and classy, bright bold accents of vivid colors like red, yellow or orange which look great in contemporary home decors. The gray color is universal and can easily adapt to the color scheme that you have chosen for the interior of your home. White, beige, cream, blue, yellow, purple, green – all these colors can be combined beautifully with gray. Interior designers recommend choosing blue-purple, blue-gray, gray-brown combinations, especially in modern interiors, with a few metal accents like floor lamps, coffee tables, which add to the sleek appearance of the overall design. Enjoy the gallery and see some beautiful gray hardwood floors in contemporary interiors.

light grey hardwood floors living room flooring ideas white coffee table

grey hardwood floors wide plank floors modern dining room

grey hardwood floors natural wood flooring pros and cons

grey hardwood floors modern open plan living space contemporary interior

grey hardwood floors modern living room ideas dark grey furniture

grey hardwood floors modern living room design ideas modern sofa

grey hardwood floors modern dining room glass tabletop grey dining chairs

grey hardwood floors modern dining area red wall accent white dining chairs

grey hardwood floors ideas modern kitchen interior design dark grey cabinets

grey hardwood floors gray wall color under staircase storage

grey hardwood floors exposed brick wall contemporary home interior

grey hardwood floors contemporary living room ideas white furniture

grey hardwood floors contemporary living room design grey white interior fireplace

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