Modern outdoor coffee table ideas – an elegant decor for garden or patio

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Modern outdoor coffee table ideas can help you transform your outdoor area and give it a new look. A coffee table is a very simple and versatile piece of furniture. Designers highly appreciate it for its outstanding decorative value and willingly use it in home interiors and exteriors. The modern assortment of coffee tables offers models in any style. These tables are capable of performing a lot of useful functions. Depending on the size and design features, materials and shapes they can be not only a practical furniture piece, but a real work of art! You can’t do without such little helpers when designing a recreation area near the pool, on the veranda, terrace or patio.

elegant outdoor coffee table design ideas

Generally, outdoor furniture is designed to create comfort. When choosing garden furniture each of us is guided by personal preferences. Fortunately, the modern market offers a sufficient number of options that differ not only in the variety of shapes and designs, but also in the material from which the furniture is made. Forged or plastic, wooden or wicker – each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right garden furniture is not so simple. There are many different factors to consider. Is it stable? Would it fade under the sun? How does it tolerate temperature differences? Is it drying out from the rain?

Modern outdoor coffee table ideas – an eye catching piece of furniture for your garden

outdoor coffee table ideas an elegant decor for garden or patio


If you have a garden, you certainly have a favorite spot for relaxing after a long day or rest and enjoy the beautiful weather during the weekend. Modern outdoor coffee table ideas will help you arrange a great lounge area and you can choose a model that will complement the overall exterior style of your home. As simple as it may be, a coffee table has many advantages – it can be easily moved from one place to another, it does not require complicated care and maintenance and can perform a variety of functions.

Outdoor furniture ideas garden patio seating with coffee tables

Outdoor coffee tables come in the form of cubes, semi-spheres and other non-standard shapes. They are placed near sofas, deck chairs or dining tables. There are special models for barbecue areas. It is convenient to place a tray with food, a laptop, drinks, and books on the tables. This is a comfortable stand, and a stylish furniture detail. An elegant mobile model allows you to quickly and beautifully serve appetizers and drinks for guests or simply enjoy a cup of coffee in the afternoon.

How to choose an outdoor coffee table?

long lasting patio furniture round coffee table

When you choose an outdoor coffee table there are a number of questions that you need to ask yourself before going to the store. Furniture manufacturers offer a huge variety of models and making a choice is not as easy as it seems.

What will you use the coffee table for? Is it, a place to store things or a decor element? Will this furniture piece be stable? Is it resistant to sudden changes in temperature and moisture? Does she need extra care? Will the table stand in one place or you will move from one place to another? Do you need extra storage space? What is the style of your exterior? What are your personal preferences for the material and will it work with the rest of your outdoor furniture? As you see there are quite many considerations so you need to be quite clear for the function, location, material and style of your outdoor coffee table.

round woven wicker outdoor coffee table set

Shape and size are important, especially when you choose a table for balconies or small patios. The height of a coffee table varies from 40 to 50 cm/ 12 to 24 inches. The longer the table, the lower and vice versa – the higher the table, the smaller the area of the countertop. Small models will be perfect to leave a couple of books, magazines and newspapers, your drink, etc. The most popular shapes are round, square and rectangular. However, if you prefer a non-standard shape you can choose hexagonal, octagonal, oblong, live edge coffee table or any other creative designer’s model.

The durability, appearance and performance of the coffee table depend on the material from which it is made. The most common options are wood, metal, plastic, stone, concrete, etc.

modern garden furniture petal shaped outdoor coffee table

Natural wood is the most expensive material for garden furniture. It is durable, with unique texture and a pleasant aroma. Natural wood is so beautiful that it does not need any paints yet it is susceptible to moisture and needs protection.

original outdoor coffee table design ideas garden patio furniture

Metal tables are reliable, sturdy and will last you decades. Furniture with a strong metal frame is a great option and will serve you for many years. It withstands any weight, it is stable under loads and does not bend or break. Stainless steel is a good choice for contemporary and modern style exteriors but if you choose any other metal, you need to remember that it needs maintenance and you will need to paint it or coat it with special corrosion protection products.

outdoor furniture ideas patio side table ceramic stool

Ceramic barrel-shaped stools are widely popular and often used as outdoor side tables. They have a great visual appeal and are resistant to moisture and temperature changes.

Garden furniture concrete coffee table design

Outdoor coffee tables made of concrete are ideal for contemporary or minimalist exterior designs. The material is exceptionally durable and reliable. However, due to the weight, such tables may be difficult to move.



modern plastic outdoor coffee table patio furniture ideas

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garden furniture hexagonal coffee table with metal base

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