Placing the bed in front of a window – a good or a bad idea?

Written by Kremena Ruseva

Is it a good idea to place the bed in front of a window? Despite the fascinating bedroom layouts and sophisticated interiors, many homeowners are not sure what to do and how to arrange the furniture and use the available space optimally. Where to place the bed? There are some general rules that you need to follow:

Placing the bed in front of a window in modern bedroom

  • Provide access to the bed on both sides;
  • Do not place the bed under the beams or suspended objects;
  • As per Feng Shui the bed should not be located opposite the mirror. Mirrored surfaces take energy, and when a person is sleeping, he is especially vulnerable;
  • Feet should not be directed towards the door, this is an extremely negative option, especially if you follow Feng Shui rules.
  • According to Feng Shui, the bed should be placed on an inner wall. The space under the window is considered unfavorable, as is the location between the window and the door.

bedroom with large windows furniture layout ideas

Obviously, this is a disputable topic and there is no consensus among designers and ordinary people. Despite the fact that in many cases it is not recommended to place the bed in front of a window, for small rooms this solution is the only one.

Advantages and disadvantages of placing the bed in front of a window

Advantages of placing the bed in front of a window

When a person thinks whether it is a good idea to place a bed in front of a window, he is usually guided by simple arguments, which often make it difficult to make the right decision. On one hand, such layout looks very stylish, but on the other hand, constant drafts, noise from the street and bright sunlight are serious considerations that should not be overlooked. Is it possible to eliminate all disadvantages and create a romantic, comfortable and elegant atmosphere in the bedroom? Of course it is! So, what are the advantages of placing the bed in front of a window?

chic bedroom design modern home interior ideas furniture layout

  • there is always natural light so that it can be turned into a reading corner during the weekends;
  • the room does not feel crowded;
  • this layout allows space-saving distribution of the furniture in a small bedroom. It frees up a lot of space where you can arrange other furniture pieces like wardrobe, dressing table, armchair, etc.;
  • there are no restrictions on shape, material or size for the headboard. Both high and low, wooden or forged, carved or upholstered headboard will look impressive.
  • The bed will look especially good in front of a window with an unusual shape, panoramic or stained glass windows.
  • The headboard can hide an unsightly view – wall of the neighboring house, fence, parking lot or industrial zone.

As many advantages as it has, such bedroom layout has some significant disadvantages:

bed in front of windows small bedroom ideas

  • Due to the fact that windows are on the outer wall, besides the fact that this is a hot/cold zone, there is a risk of moisture which, in turn, may lead to mold. That is why the heaters should be installed just under the windows – to balance the temperatures.
  • However, if the bed is right next to the heater, it cannot work properly. The warm air cannot be distributed in the room and warms up the bed and not the room. That’s why experts advise against sleeping near a heat source. Most people find this uncomfortable.
  • If you like to sleep with the window open, you risk getting sick in the cold breeze. People lose body heat through their heads, so at least the head part should not be directly in front of the window.
  • Even with the door and window closed, there is always a slight draft – a distance of at least 40 cm is recommended in this case.
  • In addition to sunlight, the light of lanterns and the curious glances of passers-by penetrate the bedroom through the window, if it is located on the ground floor. Dense or blackout curtains, blinds or shades can help you solve that problem.

When is it necessary to place the bed in front of a window?

attic bedroom with cathedral ceiling and bed in front of window

In some cases, positioning the bed with the in front of a window is, if not the only possible, then the most favorable in terms of practicality and design. For example, in attic bedrooms you have the chance to enjoy the night sky, without worrying about the sloping walls. In small bedrooms such layout will help making the most of the floor space, save space, make the room more comfortable and free up space for moving around the room. In large bedrooms you can use the bed as an anchor of the design and create a symmetrical or asymmetrical environment. A bed in front of a window of unusual shape, size or design will serve as its continuation, and the entire interior will be emphasized by these two elements. A bedroom with an irregular, long and narrow shape or with an abundance of doorways will be comfortable and cozy only if you put the bed across the window.

what is the best place for the bed layout ideas

In conclusion, we can say that the position of the bed is a matter of personal choice. Remember that a window is what we see first of all when entering the bedroom, so the bed against the backdrop of curtains, can become a central element that attracts attention. If you want to place the bed next in front of a window, you should weigh the pros and cons, and then decide for yourself whether this option is convenient or not.



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