Fall pillows that create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your home

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How to choose the right fall pillows to create a truly cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your home? Throw pillows are one of the quickest decorating techniques for any room in the house – living room, bedroom, family room, etc.

DIY fall throw pillows home decor ideas

Big and small, round, square, oval, bright or in muted colors – decorative pillows are so different and so irreplaceable in creating comfort and accents in the interior. Almost no modern room is complete without this element. We all know that no matter how beautiful and stylish the furniture may be, it is small details that add character and individuality to the appearance of any room – photographs of loved ones, a favorite cup on the bedside table or pictures on the wall. But nothing can compare the attractive look and the appeal of decorative pillows. They are a symbol of comfort – soft, pleasant to the touch, they not only decorate a sofa or an armchair, but also provide more comfortable seating. How pillows can change the space and become a calendar in the interior? What are the rules for combining colors and patterns? We shall answer your questions and show you fantastic interiors decorated with fall pillows.

How to decorate your home with fall pillows?

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Decorative pillows have long taken their place in interior design and decoration. They could be found in oriental interiors and in baroque palaces. Throw pillows are not just another way to create comfort, but also a charming decor element. They can emphasize the chosen style of a bedroom, living room or even a kitchen, or they can become a bright and unusual accent. In the living room, decorative pillows have a place on the sofa, armchairs and chairs, and now it is difficult to imagine a comfortable sofa without several pillows of different sizes and colors. In the bedroom, they decorate the bed. Usually they are placed on top of the bedspread and make the bed look much neater and tidier. Even the kitchen has room for throw pillows. If you spend a lot of time there, you should take care of your comfort and put soft decorative pillows on the chairs or bench in the breakfast nook. How to choose your fall pillows? What is important to know? Can you combine colors, patterns, textures? How to do combine them harmoniously? Here are some basic rules that you can use as guidelines:

Choose your color palette

fall decor color palette ideas

Warm, slightly muted colors, shades of red, orange, terracotta will warm you on cold autumn evenings. It is with soft warm shades that you can prepare your home and yourself for the most romantic and sentimental time of the year. These colors will create an autumn interior and bring tranquility and comfort to your home. However, you should not limit yourself to only on orange and yellow colors. Light pastel shades and even dark browns are appropriate and they pair beautifully with greens. Gold and copper are also beautiful colors for fall decorations. You do not need to saturate the room with many shades. It is enough to choose one main color, and accent it with two additional colors. It is the accents that will complement the interior, make it softer and a little lighter. So, choose one color palette and keep to it or check the color wheel for complimentary shades.

Choose a theme or a fall symbol

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The market offers fall pillows with almost any pattern and symbols of the season. The pumpkin is one of the most popular ones as it reminds of harvest and Halloween. Among other things, the sunny ripe pumpkin is a wonderful decorative accent. If you are skilled at sewing, knitting, patchwork or any other textile-related craft, you can make your own fall throw pillows. A piece of orange felt would be perfect for a DIY project, right? Remember that pillows with drawings, symbol or particular pattern are best complemented by solid color cushions which make them stand out.

Another popular theme for decorative pillows is fall leaves. Pillows with multi-colored yellow, burgundy, orange leaves (bouquets or wreathes of leaves) will be a great warm color accent in your interior.

Autumn is not only a harvest season, but also a hunting time. If you like hunting, but there are no pheasants in your area, why not have one on a pillow?

Plaid and kilim style pillows are another option. You can select the color shades that complement your existing interior.

Combine patterns and prints

throw pillows in natural colors fall decor ideas

The market offers a huge variety of fall throw pillows. There are patterns and prints of all kinds and they are all beautiful. It is understandable that many people are tempted to buy emotionally everything that catches the eye. However, emotional purchases are not necessarily the best choice. Balance is the most important criteria. How to balance different patterns and prints? For example, if you selected one main color and want to group fall pillows, it is best if you choose three different fabrics that work together. If you like prints, then you must remember the rule – One simple (small) print, one busy (big) print, and one solid. The large print should be on the biggest pillow or on the one placed at the center of the sofa.

How to arrange the pillows?

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A symmetrical arrangement is always a good decision. It creates a feeling of order and allows you not to overdo the decor by layering too many different fabrics, textures or prints. For a balanced look, make sure that the largest pillows are in the far corners of the sofa. Experts recommend to arrange small pillows in the center of the sofa. You can experiment with asymmetrical arrangement depending on the style of the room and the visual effect that you want to achieve.

How many pillows do you need in a room?

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Decorative pillows are primarily meant to give you comfort. Yes, they add to the visual appeal of the room, but you need to be careful with the number of cushions you throw on the sofa. You may want to display all these amazingly beautiful fall pillows that you have but… there might not be enough place left for you to actually sit down. Yes, the size of the sofa matters greatly, but no matter if you have a huge sectional couch or a small one, if you feel like you piled too many decorative pillows, then you are probably right!

throw pillows for fall decor add texture to the interior

In conclusion, we have to say, that you don’t have to make drastic changes to your interior design to bring a seasonal feel to your home. It is enough to change a few decor items, replace textile, add some unique decorative elements and arrange them around the house, and voila – your home is filled with fascinating fall colors!



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