Laundry chute ideas – a smart solution for your home

by Kremy

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Now, what is a laundry chute and why do we need one at home? We will show you some practical laundry chute ideas which will ease the tedious job of getting clothes up and down the house. They are designed and built for a single purpose – to drop dirty clothes or linen through a shaft so that they land in an area located on a lower floor.


Laundry chute ideas – how do they work?

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These are still used in many public buildings like hotels, for example. They are especially useful as there is a lot of linen, restaurant tablecloths, napkins, towels which have to be washed on a daily basis. Despite the fact that the scale is significantly smaller, laundry chute ideas gain popularity in family houses as they save time and help maintaining a hygienically clean environment and easy handling with dirty clothes.

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How do they work? It is a fairly simple construction which consists of a door, a shaft, and an exit. Clothes fall down the shaft to the laundry room with the help of gravity into a collection bag or trolley or simply a basket.


Laundry chute ideas


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You will love the convenience. It will save you time and energy and for every housewife these things are of greatest importance, especially nowadays, when the daily routine is so hectic. Installing a one requires a professional help as you need to open a wall and provide an unobstructed path between the floors to install a shaft. If you feel skilled enough, this could be a DIY project and you will find many DIY laundry chute ideas. The design will be individual for every house. However, it is highly recommended that the door of the chute is elevated in order to avoid accidental accidentally falling of small kids (or pets).



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