15 Laundry room ideas and tips for the functional use of space

by Kremy

modern laundry room ideas laundry room cabinets ideas shelves baskets

We have collected 15 modern laundry room ideas which will give you fantastic tips for elegant designs. The laundry room is generally the last place that is being especially designed.

modern laundry room design furniture ideas white cabinets open shelves


Maybe this is due to the fact that it is often isolated to a remote location from the main living space – in the basement or in a tiny room.

small utility room ideas space saving designs open shelves cabinets

The main task of laundry room designs is the efficient use of space, but you should not forget about the appearance. The main goal is to create a comfortable and beautiful interior.


small laundry ideas cabinets countertop sink

Due to the a little space available in the laundry room, you need to use it very creatively. This means that every inch of space, not only horizontally, but vertically must be used.

laundry ideas sink open shelves baskets

Contemporary laundry room ideas are based in housing all the major elements of a laundry into a limited space. This would mean that you need to arrange washing machine, clothes dryer, basket / container to store dirty laundry, as well as small shelves and countertops.


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Racks and shelves are an extremely necessary furniture pieces, because they will help you keep everything in order. Baskets for clean and dirty clothes are a must. The laundry cabinets will store all the items and will make the room look neat and tidy.

modern laudry room cabinets white cabinets tile flooring

If you are looking for cool laundry room ideas you will see many pictures with perfectly arranged spaces. However, there are some things you need to have in mind when you start furnishing your laundry room.


small utility room ideas how to furnish

Do not place the laundry room in a passing zone. Walking on top of laundry baskets and piles of clothes, on the way to the kitchen or garage, is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous.

how to furnish small mmudroom ideas open shelves storage baskets

It is not advisable to make your laundry a multifunctional space (sewing room or a place for your favorite hobby, for example). The humidity of the laundry room and the noise level is not compatible with other activities – not to mention the need for space when we really start to do the laundry.


contemporary utility room green cabinets sink

Try to have the mudroom near the place where the largest amount of clothes for washing is gathered. This is probably the bedroom. If you have a door to the laundry room overlooking the bathroom of the room or the hallway is a great convenience.

contemporary ideas black cabinets shelves sink

Plan shelves or cabinets above the washing machine for keeping washing products, softeners, bleach and other chemicals. This way, they will be inaccessible to children.

small utility room design ideas white cabinets countertop

mudroom ideas white cabinets tile backsplash

modern laundry ideas small space open shelves

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