Vintage Wedding – Theme and Decoration Ideas Inspired by the Past

by Kremy

A vintage wedding is simplicity combined with luxury and good style. Nowadays many people confuse vintage style with retro as many of the elements are very similar and include old things, often covered with patina.

Vintage Wedding Theme and Decor Inspired by the Past

Unlike retro, this style does not involve any fakes and the use of low-quality decorations. All items must be authentic – lace fabrics, elegant brooches, antiques – all this together creates a vintage style that is so popular today. If you decide to have a vintage wedding, then you made the right choice.

Vintage Wedding Venue Ideas

Vintage Wedding Venue Ideas


When planning a wedding in vintage style, one should know its main principles – inspiration from the past, elegance, sophistication, finesse, love for details. The ideal venue for a vintage style is outdoors, a place that offers silence, tranquility and the opportunity to fully enjoy a vintage wedding away from noisy city life. This could be a forest clearing, on the banks of a picturesque river or lake, in a flowering garden etc. If an outdoor wedding is not possible, the couple could opt for a country house or a restaurant and use light materials and elegant unpretentious accessories to decorate the place.

Vintage Wedding Color Scheme Ideas

Vintage Wedding Color Scheme Ideas

When planning the decor and the overall color scheme of your vintage wedding, you should not forget that this style does not tolerate excessive brightness. Choose gentle tones in combination with black or coffee shades. Soft and delicate pastel shades are typical for the vintage themed weddings. Here are some examples:

  • white, beige, pearl gray, ivory;
  • champagne;
  • pale pink, muted light red;
  • pale blue, light green;
  • light yellow, cream, etc.
  • Peach, blush pink or green, light blue or lilac, mint, dusty blue, silver and gold, as well as all shades of brown and burgundy are also suitable for this type of wedding.

Materials that can convey the spirit of the times will perfectly fit into the style of such a wedding – genuine leather, aged wood, aged metal, gilding, ceramics and porcelain, linen and cotton, velvet, delicate lace, paper, etc.

How to Choose the Theme for Your Vintage Wedding?

Theme Vintage Wedding Ideas

When it comes to choosing a theme for your vintage wedding, it all depends on your personal preferences. The truth is that “vintage” can be a lot of different things. Some couples are inspired by the Victorian era, others by the Jazz Age, mid-century, even Shabby Chic and Boho themes. Each period has its own specific features and it is best if you consult with a professional decorator or do a research and find out what are the main characteristics of the chosen style.

table decoration ideas vintage style

For example, the best decor for a 1920s or 1930s themed wedding would be Art Deco. The most popular themes are The Great Gatsby and the decor features an abundance of shiny elements like beads, pearl threads, rhinestones, feathers and fringe. However, if you choose a Shabby Chic theme, then it means lace and crocheted items, beige and ivory, beautiful tender flowers and natural materials. Each decade has something specific and if you want to recreate the spirit of the time, you need to plan all the details carefully.

Invitations and Dress Code

Vintage Wedding Invitations Theme and Dress Code

Invitations are important as they not only invite the guests to this special event, but inform them for the chosen theme and dress code. The invitations are the first thing that your guests see, so they need to be in accordance with the chosen theme – it could be “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “Secret Garden”, “Alice in Wonderland”, etc.

Vintage Wedding Decorating Ideas

Vintage Wedding Decorating Ideas

Decorations should be attractive, and most importantly, harmoniously matched and in accordance with the chosen theme. Give your venue a vintage feel by decorating the table with lace doilies, floral arrangements, antique framed photographs and 19th century tableware. Old forged candlesticks, mirrors, figurines and birdcages will be great decorative elements. Generally, a vintage style wedding decor elements include:

  • genuine leather;
  • wood and metal;
  • gilding;
  • ceramics;
  • porcelain;
  • cotton;
  • velvet;
  • fine lace;

DIY Vintage Wedding Decoration Ideas

  • old photos;
  • aged yellowed paper;
  • simple wooden furniture
  • old crockery;
  • decorative stone and brick surfaces;
  • abundance of natural flowers;
  • lanterns and garlands;
  • mirrors in shabby frames;
  • antiques – a gramophone, an old grand piano or piano, chests, typewriters, suitcases, ladders, etc.

Vintage Wedding Dress Ideas

Vintage Wedding Dress Ideas

A vintage wedding dress should be selected in the style of the specific period – Victorian, 1920s,1950s, etc. For example, if you plan a Victorian themed wedding, choose a dress with a long skirt and corset. Frills, ruffles and an abundance of lace are integral elements of Victorian fashion.

Dresses that emphasize the beauty of the female figure are the perfect choice for 1920s and 1930s themed weddings. Dresses from light, flowing fabrics like silk, lace, satin with a straight silhouette, with a low waistline, sleeveless or with graceful cap sleeves, with an emphasizing the chest with a spectacular drapery or a deep neckline – this is what the bride should be looking for. Dresses with a fluffy skirt and an obligatory belt, emphasizing the t bride’s waistline are typical for the 1940s and 1950s period. Dresses can be long or short. Some brides choose to alter their mother’s or grandmother’s dress and thus pay tribute to family traditions.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyle and Accessories

Vintage Wedding Hairstyle and Accessories

Bride in Vintage style look exceptionally feminine. As we already said, each decade dictated its fashion and that will determine your image – hairstyle, makeup, accessories. For example, soft waves covering the ears, a hairpin with stones or a headband are typical for the 1920s. Of course, do not forget about makeup. It should be spectacular and bright, with an emphasis on the eyes and lips.

Groom’s Attire

groom attire ideas for vintage wedding

It would be nice for the groom to replace the traditional suit with a vintage one. Elements such as a jacket of non-classical colors, a vest, suspenders are also suitable. A bow tie, a hat, a pocket watch, vintage cufflinks or a tie clip will become stylish accessories. For a 1920s-style wedding, you can even rent a tuxedo. The groom’s boutonniere does not have to be made of flowers. An unusual boutonniere with a feather, a key, a medallion or other vintage gizmo will go well with this style.

The Bridal Bouquet

vintage style bridal bouquet ideas

A vintage style bouquet is usually round in shape. Flowers are chosen in delicate shades, color accents are acceptable. Peonies, ranunculus, roses, gypsophila, hydrangea, callas are a great choice. To add a vintage touch, decorate the bouquet with lace, brooches and rhinestones.

retro car is a must for a vintage wedding

Last but not least, a retro car is a must have for a vintage wedding!




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