10 Unique Gift Wrap Ideas for Christmas 2023 That Will Leave Everyone in Awe!

by Stephanie Yankova

Even though we still have a whole month until Christmas, it’s never too late to start planning your gifts! I’ve always felt like what truly makes the act of gift-giving special during this time of the year is the tearing of the paper in anticipation of finding out what’s hiding underneath it! I do like to think that in this case, the packaging is half of the present, which motivates me to experiment with different ideas and techniques every year! Here are some of my favorite unique gift wrap ideas for Christmas that will make the festive morning opening even more joyful and exciting!

Unique Gift Wrap Ideas for Christmas 2023

zero waste gift wrapping idea christmas natural materials

This year’s Christmas decoration trends are heavily inspired by nature, earthy tones, and organic materials. You can easily incorporate that into the design of your gift wrap by choosing eco-friendly paper and natural decorations such as pine leaves and dried flowers.

DIY Hand Painted Gift Wrapping Paper

diy hand painted christmas gift wrapping idea 2023

If you wish to add a personal touch to the packaging of your Christmas gifts, then I invite you to whip out your watercolor paint and brushes! For this task, you are going to need brown eco kraft paper that you can paint or write your Christmas wishes on! This will make the presents feel a lot more precious to the person who is receiving them, as you’ve added more value with your creative expression.

DIY Animal Gift Wrap

diy unique christmas gift idea for kids animal cut outs

Animal gift wrap is such a fun way to decorate simple brown paper gift packaging for your kids! All you need is colored print paper, scissors, glue, and a marker, and you can easily recreate the cute animals from the image above. A nice touch would be to create a 3D effect using googly eyes and ribbons!

Organic Gift Wrap Decorations

cinammon jingle bell christmas gift wrapping decoration idea

A really nice touch that I like to add to my gifts, which I stole from my mom years ago, is cinnamon sticks. They not only add a really pleasant and warm scent to the gift wrap, but you can also put a Christmas wish written on a little piece of paper inside of them, which I find really sentimental!

cinammon rosemary faux red berry branch christmas gift wrapping idea 2023

If you want a truly impressive packaging, you can elevate it by switching the brown kraft paper for a black one. We still want to keep the design organic, which is why we’re going to use twine to wrap around the gift. Add the cinnamon sticks, a faux red berry branch, and some fresh rosemary for an aromatic and aesthetically pleasing statement-making gift wrap look!

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Minimalist Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea

black minimalist christmas gift wrapping idea 2023

For those who like to keep it simple and elegant, all you need is black gift wrap paper and a thin twisted cotton rope. You can add a blossom tree, pine, or eucalyptus branch for that minimalist nature-inspired look!

Zero-Waste Gift Wrap

zero waste organic cotton fabric christmas present wrap idea 2023

This is how I’ve chosen to wrap my gifts this year, and I am so excited to share this idea with you! We all know that we hardly ever reuse wrapping paper once it’s been torn apart, which is a huge waste. This is why this zero-waste approach caught my eye! To create this packaging you can use a tea towel, a scarf, or a tablecloth depending on how big the present is. You can elevate it by adding pine cones, branches, or dried orange slices for a minimalist and rustic feel.

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More Interesting Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

round box satin bow gift wrapping idea christmas 2023

Organic Cotton Pouches for Small Gifts

small christmas gift wrapping idea cotton pouch dried oranges

Wrapping a Small and Big Gift Together with Pine Branches as Decoration

unique gift wrapping ideas for christmas zero waste natural materials pine branches



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