Bohemian Christmas gift wrapping – chic and artistic ideas

by Kremy

Boho style is enjoying a huge popularity not only in fashion and interior design, but in festive decoration. If you choose bohemian style it is certain that it will be a success and what’s best, you have the freedom to mix and match bright and bold colors instead of traditional green and red. Festive decoration and gift wrapping are no exception to this magnificent trend. So, let’s explore together some fascinating Bohemian Christmas gift wrapping ideas that will delight our loved ones!

The basics of Bohemian Christmas gift wrapping

what ribbons to use to wrap your chic Christmas gifts

As usual, it is best to start with the basics. The good news is that when it comes to bohemian-style Christmas gift wrapping, there are hardly any rules you have to follow. At least, there are no “standards” that need to be followed. After all, we’re talking about an entire movement inspired by the carefree lifestyle, right?

vintage ribbons elegant artistic gift wrapping ideas


However, we recommend paying special attention to certain details in order to easily create this super-artistic style. As is the case with boho chic decor in general, the colors and especially the textures used are among the most important elements to take into consideration. Aim for an abundance of colors and rich textures that you can combine in order to create aesthetic contrasting layers.

velvet ribbons for bohemian style gift wrapping ideas

But what does this mean exactly? We shall explain right away! If, for example, you have decided to use craft paper to wrap your gifts, you will need to enrich and beautify its basic appearance with a sophisticated and whimsical elements like fascinating velvet ribbons!

Tips for artistic gift wrapping

boho chic style Christmas gift wrapping

Tie your velvet ribbons in bow ties and complete their luxurious, almost aristocratic look, using tassels in mismatched colors, various tree ornaments etc. Our tip: dig through your drawers and pull out any colorful knickknacks in front of your eyes. Multicolored spare buttons? A fancy key chain that you no longer use? Charms and tassels detached since we do not know when? Everything works in bohemian Christmas gift wrapping!

how to wrap gifts for Christmas bohemian style

In the example above, a hamsa talisman, which you may also know as The Hand of Fatima, adorns the pink paper-wrapped package with white flowers, visible to the right. Just to the left, we see another gift, just as attractive and original, but this time decorated with a handmade garland from natural fiber thread and several colorful tassels. Fascinating boho chic ideas!

original Christmas gift wrapping with pompoms

To recap, the mismatched little “talismans”, tassel pom poms and velvet ribbons are some of the most fabulous additions to add the final touch to any bohemian Christmas gift wrap, especially when the cool little bundle is already covered in craft paper. But what about other types of original Christmas gift wrapping?

how to wrap Christmas gifts furoshiki style

Well, any color scheme and almost any print pattern works great! The same is valid for the Japanese gift wrapping, furoshiki which represents an art in itself!

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You cannot go wrong with bohemian style Christmas gift wrapping!

bohemian chic style Christmas gift wrapping ideas

One only has to take a look at the photo above to realize that there are no mistakes when it comes to bohemian-style Christmas gift wrapping. Wrapping papers with vintage floral motifs or matryoshka prints (Russian nesting dolls), ribbons of all kinds, a small artificial bird and decorative fake apples as final touches… A surprising array of objects that would have seemed totally kitsch if it were not for the unparalleled charm of the bohemian spirit!


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 Bohemian Christmas gift wrapping ideas dream catchers

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