5 Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas That Will Make Your Christmas Presents Even More Special!

by Stephanie Yankova

Christmas is less than a month away, so if you haven’t started planning or buying presents for your loved ones, this is your sign to get to shopping! Once this is checked off the list, comes my favorite part – the gift wrapping! Something that I genuinely struggle with is seeing how much plastic and paper gets used and wasted in this process. This is why I want to encourage you to take a more conscious approach and try out the following sustainable gift wrapping ideas that will add a unique touch to your packaging while also being gentle on the planet!

Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas 2023

organic sustainable fabric gift wrapping ideas 2023

As much as I enjoy wrapping presents, as well as unwrapping them, I’ve always felt overwhelmed by the amount of paper that gets thrown away and never used again. This inspired me to research more eco-friendly ways to present your gifts with minimal, or no waste. Let’s take a look at 5 of my favorite ones, and hopefully, help influence a change for you, too!

Furoshiki, or Japanese Gift Wrapping with Fabric

organic fabric christmas gift wrap idea sustainable zero waist 2023

You’re probably no stranger to this method of gift wrapping, as it is all around Pinterest and Instagram. Furoshiki literally translates as a “bath spread”, and it’s a Japanese technique that uses a square piece of fabric as a more sustainable and aesthetic way of packing goods, as well as gifts. Instead of a simple cloth, you can use a thin scarf, a tea towel, or even a blouse that the gift recipient can reuse.

Recycled Paper

recycled paper colored wool threads sustainable christmas gift wrapping idea 2023

When you shop for clothes online, almost every order comes wrapped in rice paper. It’s the same when you buy shoes. Instead of throwing the paper away, or just having it lying around, you can reuse it to wrap your Christmas gifts! Add some character by using colored wool threads, pop a pine branch in between, and voilà!

Kraft Paper

brown kraft paper twine dried berries minimalist eco christmas gift packaging

I love minimalist packaging, which is why kraft paper has been my partner in crime for many many years! Thanks to its sturdiness and neutral brown color, it allows being repurposed for many things over and over again. Not only that, but if you have a creative itch that you want to scratch, you can also personalize it by writing and painting on it!

diy hand painted christmas gift wrapping idea 2023

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A Christmas Gift Basket

open christmas gift box eco friendly reusable packaging

If you’re putting together a gift for your boss, a colleague, a teacher, or anyone who won’t get upset if they don’t have wrapping paper to rip, these Christmas baskets are an excellent choice! Put some rice paper inside the basket (which they can reuse for their own gift wrapping), and arrange the gifts on top of it. To make it even more festive, you can add battery-powered fairy lights. It looks wonderful, doesn’t it?

Kraft Gift Box

sustainable cardboard box twine flowers christmas gift idea zero waste

Last but not least, we have the kraft gift box! It’s really convenient to have a few of these at home, as they can be used for so many things! For example, storage, to send a package to somebody, or in this case – to pack a gift! Enrich the organic feel of the cardboard material by adding a gentle touch of a fresh or dried flower tied to the box with some twine, and your gift is ready!

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