DIY Christmas gift box: These templates are perfect for simple last-minute packaging!

by Kremy

You bought or made some really great gifts and can’t wait to see the surprised and happy faces of your loved one when they unwrap them. But before being able to unpack them, your gifts need to be packaged nicely beforehand. This is a challenge, especially with things that weren’t delivered or sold in a box, and if you just don’t have the talent to fold and glue wrapping paper nicely, you need an easy alternative. We have just the thing for you – templates and craft instructions for a DIY Christmas gift box in which you can store small items. Have fun crafting!

DIY pyramid box with a printable template

How to make a pyramid Christmas Gift box for small sized gifts

Do you find the classic rectangular or square models a bit boring? Or is the gift to be wrapped a bit taller and wouldn’t fit in such a box? Pyramid shaped boxes are the solution! And with our templates, crafting a Christmas gift box will be a piece of cake!

craft instructions for cutting folding and gluing the pyramid


Print out the template on paper of any color and cut out the shape. If you want to make your box out of thicker cardstock that printers won’t accept, you can print the shape on plain paper, cut it out, and then trace the outlines onto the cardstock you’ve chosen. Then fold the shape in the designated areas, using a ruler to get straight folds.

Last minute packaging sustainable reusable

Then punch holes in the tops of the four sides and thread string through to tie. Alternatively, you could apply glue to the tabs and tape them together to seal the Christmas gift box.

Easy printable template for pyramids to wrap any gifts

Christmas Gift Box – Pyramid Shaped Theme Templates

Christmas Gift box pyramid shape color printable template

You’ll find a colored version above, in case you have a color printer, and below is a black-and-white template that you can print out, cut out and then use as a template for paper or cardboard of your choice. If you choose the second option, you can also use the motifs that we offer. These can also be cut out and then glued to the sides of the pyramid. Or maybe you can find another use for them.

Print out a craft template to transfer to paper

Fold all the sides along the dotted line in one and the same direction, for example, by placing the paper in front of you with the pretty side facing up and then folding everything down/inwards. Apply the glue to the outer surfaces of the flaps so that they can then stick inside the triangular sides.

templates for crafting of Christmas decoration or Christmas gifts

Classic rectangular box

Fast wrapping as an alternative to complicated wrapping paper for small gifts

This box is super easy to make and you proceed in the same way as with the pyramid. Print out the colored model or white template to transfer to any paper.

Give a nice gift box for Christmas in a rectangular shape

DIY Christmas gift box with practical templates

Instructions for making gift boxes for the Christmas party

Decorate gift packaging with festive elements

free printables to decorate gift boxes

DIY cube shaped Christmas gift box

Christmas Gift box templates and craft ideas for cool packaging

The cube shape of gift boxes can also be used universally, as it offers space for a variety of gift shapes. You already know what follows: Simply print out and/or transfer and fold and glue together at the designated places. Easy as pie and perfect for a last minute project!

DIY Modern boxes for beginners

Print and craft for free

The neutral template for a box is also suitable for birthdays

Festive elements for gift tags or to decorate the box

Modern Christmas images to cut out and decorate packaging

Cool box with handle for Christmas gifts

Cool DIY Christmas gift box with handles

No matter which Christmas gift box you make, the most practical thing about them is that they can be used over and over again as long as you don’t glue them completely shut. This makes the Christmas box more sustainable than conventional wrapping paper, for example, and a good alternative to store-bought gift bags, which are not always available in a small enough size. And with this model you get handles that give the package an even more interesting look.

DIY gift boxes for every occasion

Gift box ideas and additional decoration

decorate your DIY Christmas Gift box with Christmas motives


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