Propagate a Money Tree with Guaranteed Success: It’s So Easy to Turn One Plant into Several

by Kremy

The money tree is a popular gift for various occasions. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be bought new. If you already have this plant, you can simply propagate your own money tree and then give the young plants away (nicely decorated, of course). But how does propagation work?

Cuttings, offshoots or something else? There are various methods you can use to propagate a money tree and all of them are really easy to implement and suitable even for beginners.

When Is the Best Time to Propagate?

how to propagate a money tree tips for beginners

In general, any time is suitable under domestic conditions, as long as it is warm and light enough. However, spring is considered to be the best time.

Do you need special soil for the money tree?

It is best to mix the perfect potting soil yourself to give the young plants the optimal possible conditions. Cactus soil is particularly suitable for this. To avoid waterlogging, mix in a little fine gravel. Clay pebbles are another option as an alternative mineral substrate component.

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How to Propagate a Money Tree?

Both offshoots of the money tree are suitable for propagation, as are cuttings, although for the latter you can use not only individual leaves, but also shoots. These options can also be carried out at any time and therefore spontaneously and are so simple that you can only be amazed. How does it all work?

How to Get Cuttings from the Succulent Plant

how to propagate a money tree with shoot cuttings or leaf cuttings

As already mentioned, you can use both the leaves and shoots of any size including leaves if you want to propagate a money tree. Leaf cuttings are well suited for spontaneous propagation, while you can use shoot cuttings if your lucky tree needs to be trimmed anyway.

How to take leaf cuttings:

  • Choose as many leaves as you like from your mother plant. Make sure they are healthy and strong. It is also best to choose from different areas so that there are no bare spots that would be too noticeable.
  • Cut the selected leaves with a sharp and clean knife or scissors. Make the cut directly on the shoot.
  • The cuts should now dry for a few days. This will prevent mold growth and/or diseases caused by the open wound.
  • Prepare a planting container with the potting soil and simply insert the leaves into the soil with the cut side facing down.
  • It is best to moisten the soil with a spray bottle so as not to wash away the leaves. From now on, keep the soil moist but not wet.
  • You don’t need to do anything else. The leaves of the succulents will develop roots and begin their normal growth in no time.
propagate a money tree by cuttings in a pot with the right soil

You should prune the money tree properly to obtain suitable shoot cuttings:

  • Choose only strong and healthy shoots. It is also important that these are not yet woody. Ideally, the shoots are around 4 inches/10 cm long.
  • Only use clean and sharp tools for pruning!
  • Leaves consume nutrients, so not too many of them should remain on the shoot. The rule is that all but the top pair of leaves are useless and can be removed.
  • After you have prepared the shoots, the cutting areas must be left to dry for a few days, as with the leaf cuttings.
  • Again prepare planting containers with soil and insert the cuttings into them. Depending on the size, one or more plants can be planted per pot. The advantage of several plants is that the whole thing appears bushier more quickly, because with a single plant you can only achieve this over time with regular pruning.
  • The plants remain in the propagation pots until they are completely rooted. Afterwards you can put them in their permanent container.
cuttings can also be grown in a glass with water

Tip: Theoretically, you can also use water for both types of cuttings, except that it is more difficult to immerse the leaf cutting in water without drowning the entire leaf. This is more suitable for shoot cuttings, which can simply be placed in a glass of water like cut flowers. As soon as sufficiently long roots have developed, you can plant the plants.

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Propagate a Money Tree – How to Do it with Offshoots?

offshoots with already developed roots accelerate propagation

Offshoots are not cut off, but are placed on the soil so that they can form roots while still growing on the mother plant. As succulents are very prolific, it is not uncommon for the money tree to produce offshoots even in the air (roots grow from the shoots). You can use such money tree shoots if you want to propagate a money tree to speed things up a bit.

Note: Propagation is considered complete when the young plants produce new shoots. Roots are not necessarily a sign of successful propagation.

Can You Use Seeds?

Theoretically, you can grow succulents from seeds including money tree. The problem is more that, as a houseplant, it rarely tends to actually develop flowers, which, as you know, are necessary for seed production. If you are lucky enough, you can simply wait for the seeds to ripen and give it a try.

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Where to Place Cuttings and Offshoots after Planting?

propagate money tree and use it as a gift in a beautiful pot

The right location is important so that the future plants can develop well and the cuttings and offshoots do not die beforehand. So, here’s what you need to know:

  • The plant should be in a bright place.
  • The money tree should be kept at a temperature of around 68F/20C degrees.
  • Direct sunlight should be avoided so that the soil does not dry out too quickly.
  • Optionally, you can also create a small greenhouse for the initial period, where it is nice and warm and humid. However, ventilate it daily.

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