How to Make Amaryllis Bloom Again for Christmas? Incredible beauty indoors

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The beauty of amaryllis is famous for its majestic stems and flowers, especially at Christmas! And did you know that flower bulbs are an essential part of the holiday season? And it can bloom as early as 3 to 8 weeks after sowing! When is the best time to start planting? How to make amaryllis bloom again for Christmas? Deavita’s editorial team reveals all the secrets to growing this unforgettable flower at home or giving it as a gift to the people you love during the holidays!

When to Plant Amaryllis for Christmas?

how do i get my amaryllis to bloom in december

The joy of Christmas is gradually approaching, and amaryllis flower is in full glory at this time t’s not the season for many flowers, but with the pearl of winter you can enjoy pure white, pink or scarlet red! The large bulb with unforgettable flowers blooms 3 to 8 weeks after planting in a pot.

how to get amaryllis rebloom

It is usually planted in October and November, but can also be planted in spring. The warmer and brighter your home is during the cold months, the faster the flower will grow! If you want this graceful plant to be present in your home this Christmas, now is the time to plant it! The question is how do you get it to bloom?

How to Plant Amaryllis Indoor?

how to get amaryllis to rebloom for christmas

Amaryllis are often found in sets including bulbs, pots and soil. We encourage you to make your own kit and be a real creator! There are suitable pots made of ceramic, zinc or clay. This magical flower offers a rainbow of colors: salmon, pastel pink, yellow and scarlet red! Your choice of bulb should be the largest ones! The larger the bulb, the more flowers it will produce.

How to plant amaryllis indoors? Prepare a pot approximately 4,7 inches/12 cm in diameter and pour a little potting soil into it. Add a little water and mix well, then fill the pot with soil to about 1/3 of its height. Place the bulb in the center and use damp soil to seal the pot.

Place the pot in a bright, warm place. After a week, you will see the flower stem rise majestically. It is important to turn the pot a quarter turn every few days to prevent the plant from leaning only towards the sunlight.

How to Make Amaryllis Bloom Again for Christmas?

how to make amaryllis bloom again for christmas plant bulbs indoor

Water when the topsoil is dry. You’ll notice the plant will be fully developed after two weeks. To ensure that your amaryllis grows only leaves and blooms profusely in winter, reduce watering after flowering. Notice the appearance of a second, or even a third stem in parallel to the first? This can only make you happy! Place a layer of clay pebbles or gravel at the bottom of the pot to help drainage when watering. The ideal ambient temperature for growing the flower is between 64-77F/18- 25C.

Contrary to many popular beliefs that leaves can be pruned after flowering, gardening journalist and blogger Larry Hodgson has looked into the matter. “A belief as popular as it is bizarre is that we cut the leaves after flowering: don’t believe it. Where do you want the bulb to get its energy for the next flowering if it has no foliage? Leave the leaves intact, cutting them off only when they turn yellow.»

Fertilize the plant when spring arrives. After June, place the plant outside in a sunny, airy spot.

What to Do When Amaryllis Flowers Have Faded?

how to make amaryllis bloom again for christmas

Amaryllis fills the entire space with a beauty and grandeur that cannot but charm its owner. When the flowers start to fade, you should definitely not throw them away, but make them rise from the ashes like a phoenix! Remove spent flowers, water sparingly and use fertilizer to help the bulb recover. Next summer, stop watering and place the pot in a cool, dry place. During the months of October and November, replant the bulbs in a new substrate and enjoy the beautiful blooms at Christmas!

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