When to Plant Flower Bulbs? How to Do It Right in Beds and Flower Pots?

by Kremy

We all know that fall is the perfect planting time for a number of plant species. Bulb flowers are one of them. But does this really apply to all bulbs or just certain species? When is the best time to plant flower bulbs and is the so-called bulb lasagna in pots and boxes advantageous for the balcony garden?

You can not only plant the bulbs directly in the garden, but overwinter them in containers. For both methods, you proceed pretty much the same.

When to Plant Flower Bulbs? The Right Time Depends on the Blooming Season

how and whento plant flower bulbs in the garden and pots

In itself, planting bulbs is a piece of cake as long as you choose the right time of year. Some need the cold winter temperatures, while others are rather sensitive to them. Among the latter are those flowers that bloom in the summer. They are sensitive to cold, and therefore go into the garden soil only after the frosts have passed.

What Flower Bulbs to Plant in Fall?

Spring bloomers are among those that need the cold period. For this reason, they are planted in fall and then spend the winter months there to be “awakened” by the warm rays of the sun in spring.

when to plant flower bulbs tips and instructions for garden beds and pots


But when exactly to plant flower bulbs?

A funny trick to determine the earliest time is quinces. Yes, you read correctly. As you probably know, the fruit ripens in the fall. As soon as this moment arrives, you can also start planting the flower bulbs. This usually happens in September.

And when is the latest time to plant bulbs?

You don’t need to be in a hurry. You usually have until December to fill all your flower beds and containers with the colorful spring flowers.

Exceptions prove the rule: in the spring, supermarkets and the like often offer pre-sprouted bulbs. Of course, if you buy them, you don’t need to store them until the fall. They are intended to be planted immediately and are great for that.

Planting Bulbs – Bed, Lawn and Pots

plant spring blooming flowers in fall

Each flower bulb requires a different planting depth. Therefore, you should always check in advance for the particular flower. This is usually noted on the label. If you choose to plant in pots, you can even work in layers, combining deep and shallow flowers.

Plant Bulbs in Flower Beds or Lawn

You don’t need to dig wide holes to plant the bulbs. There are special bulb planters that resemble a funnel and are designed to dig up only the necessary size. This is extremely practical, especially for the lawn, where you want to make planting holes that are as inconspicuous as possible.

how to plant flowers bulbs in soil and containers

By the way, planting the lawn is a really beautiful and popular option. Just imagine how pretty the green lawn will look in the spring, when colorful splashes of crocuses, snowdrops and hyacinths appear everywhere.

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Tips for Containers and Window Boxes

When you plant your window boxes and containers for the fall/winter season, you might as well use them to store the bulbs of spring bloomers inside. Depending on the depth of the chosen planter, you can plant two or three rows to get the so-called bulb lasagna.

bilb flowers lasagne for pots and balcony planters

When to plant flower bulbs lasagna?

As already mentioned, you prepare these in the fall. However, the longer you wait, the less willing the flowers will be to bloom in spring.

And how do you proceed when planting?

The drainage layer is very important and should not be forgotten. Then comes a layer of potting soil and then the bulbs of flowers that grow particularly high. Then comes another layer of soil and, offset to the previous, medium-high growing flowers, followed by soil, low-growing spring flowers and finally soil that you press down lightly.

Winter Protection for Bulbs in Window Boxes and Flower Pots

plant window boxes with springblooming flower bulbs

In any case, you should keep in mind that pots of any kind will be exposed to the winter cold from all sides and the bulbs will therefore have less protection than in the garden soil, for example. It is therefore advisable to additionally protect them from the frost with fleece. The containers should also be protected from rain and winter sun. These tips should help you get the flower bulbs through the winter:

  • Ideally, the box or pot with the bulbs spends the winter in a place with temperatures between 32-46F/0-8C degrees. If this is not possible:
  • Do not leave boxes and pots hanging, but place them on the floor on polystyrene or wood (to isolate and protect them from below).
  • The wall of the house is optimal, because there the planter is also protected from rain.
  • Wrap the containers with suitable fleece. Several layers are necessary.
  • As protection from the sun, spread some brushwood on top of the potting soil, if you do not have a shady location.




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