Is It Possible To Make a Jade Tree Bloom at Home? What to do?

by Kremy

Do you have a jade tree at home, but you’ve never seen it in bloom? Relax, because the very fact that your plant is alive means that you’re probably doing your best in terms of maintenance, just like the rest of us. But if you want to be the best and make a jade tree bloom, you’ve come to the right place…

Can You Make a Jade Tree Bloom?

how to make a jade tree bloom at home what to do

Many admirers of houseplants enjoy the beauty (and probably positive symbolism) of Crassula ovata – a pretty bonsai with fleshy leaves that is environmentally friendly and also believed to attract luck, money and prosperity. However, they never saw their evergreen shrub bloom. And that’s perfectly normal, unless you live in Mozambique or South Africa, from where the plant originates. So is it actually possible to make a jade tree bloom at your home? If so, what is the secret?

What to Do to See Your Crassula Bloom?

how to make a jade tree bloom indoors outdoors

As is almost always the case with plants that are not native to your climate area, getting a jade tree to bloom outside its original habitat requires patience and cultivation under well-thought-out conditions In other words, the plant must not only exist, but thrive. Here’s what you need to know about caring for Crassula ovata to stimulate blooming.

Focus On the Basics to Remember

can you make a jade tree bloom

The key to making a jade tree (in fact, any plant) bloom is to mimic as much as possible the conditions its natural habitat provides. In our case, it is a hot and dry climate with sunny days and relatively cool nights that are essential for jade trees to flower.

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At What Age Crassula Ovata Blooms?

is it possible to make a jade tree bloom

Similarly, for Crassula ovata to flower, the plant must be fairly mature. A specimen that is only a few years old is less likely to bloom because it is still establishing its root system and is not yet in the stage of creating a next generation of plants. So wait at least 3 or 4 years before hoping to see small pinkish-white star-shaped flowers.

Indoor or Outdoor Jade Tree?

how to make a jade tree bloom what are the best conditions

One of the first factors to consider when growing any plant species is the amount of sunlight it needs to grow optimally. Meeting Crassula ovata’s requirements indoors is somewhat complicated, as it requires 8 or more hours of bright light to bloom. A south-facing window sill is probably your best bet.

Growing your jade tree outdoors is only possible in warm areas but you need to keep in mind that excessive humidity is not at all its type and the plant prefers an arid environment.

Except for the shorter days in winter, it’s easier to achieve the conditions needed to grow a jade tree indoors – low humidity and cool nights (but not below 55F/13C degrees). Not only is the air at home often quite dry due to heating, but we also normally turn down the thermostat at night.

What About Watering?

why is my jade tree losing its leaves mistakes maintenance crassula ovata watering

The other parameter to take into consideration when you want to make a jade tree flower is watering. Water is essential to life, but for succulents, it can also be their worst enemy. You should let the soil dry out completely between waterings and reduce them to just one or two during the winter period. Otherwise, you’re likely to end up with a crassula ovata that loses its leaves and is preparing to bid you farewell instead of blooming.

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