DIY Pine Cone Garland to Bring a Cocooning Atmosphere to Your Home

by Kremy

How to make a themed decoration with natural materials? Discover our DIY pine cone garland ideas to enhance the tree, windows, fireplace, balcony or even the mirror in the hallway.

DIY Pine Cone Garland

diy pine cone garland ideas

Over time, decorating trends evolve, moving toward more sustainable and natural materials. In other words, it is time to close the “plastic” chapter and open a new one, called “nature”. But how to implement this concept for the winter holidays? One of the easiest ways is to make your own garland from pine cones. Another advantage is that it will save you money, as you don’t need much to create it and it is even possible to use scrap items.

What do you need? Apart from pine cones, all you need is some string. We advise you to use jute or cotton, as they are of natural origin and perfectly match the style of the decoration. Glue is not necessary, as the shape of the pine cones means that the string can simply be tied around the main stem. This is the base. You can then add other decorations and personalize it as you wish.

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How to Decorate a Pine Cone for Christmas?

easy diy christmas decoration wood and pine cones

The possibilities are truly endless, but here are some ideas for decorating your pine cone garland:

  • Take the nail polishes you no longer use and incorporate them into the Christmas decoration. For example, you can paint the pine cones white and sprinkle them with glitter before they dry.
  • If you like DIY projects, chances are you have a few little gems. In this case, apply glue to the pine cone and sprinkle them on. It is also possible to turn them upside down as in the photo above in order to be able to glue figures/beads of different sizes and colors.
  • Did you know that you can blanch pine cones? There are a few ways of doing this, and the result is a more delicate color that goes perfectly with Scandinavian interiors.
  • The easiest way to decorate a pine cone is to spray paint it or paint it with acrylic paint. In either case, you can customize it to match curtains, furniture or walls.
  • You can also make small pompoms and glue them between the wooden scales. The result is very cute!
  • Have you checked out our guide to making Christmas decorations with pine cones? You’ll find 25 more ideas and inspiration for your garland.

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What Other Natural Materials Can You Use?

easy diy fall winter decorations with natural materials pine cones cinnamon citrus wood

As you can see, it is possible to use other natural materials such as cinnamon sticks, dried pomegranates, orange peels and apples. At the end there is a heart attached, but it is not a stone. It would be too heavy and difficult to pierce. The easiest way to do this is to use paper and glue that you paint gray, or polymer clay.

diy pine cone garland with dried orange slices

This is my favorite idea, because it brings a good dose of freshness. If you don’t have a food dehydrator, you can dry orange slices in the oven. This will take some time, but as you can see, it’s worth it.

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