Drying Orange Slices: The Best Methods and Great Tips for Using Them!

by Kremy

Wonderfully aromatic, delicious and a real vitamin bomb – oranges are a must in the winter months and are an integral part of our menu. Sure – citrus fruits taste particularly good when fresh, but even when dried, orange slices enchant us with their irresistible aroma. With the right tips and a little patience, absolutely anyone can dry orange slices. How exactly does this work and what can you use it for?

drying orange slices in the microwave what to do with dried oranges

Fresh oranges are delicious, but they exude an equally wonderful aroma when dried. Whether as a sustainable and inexpensive Christmas decoration, to decorate gifts or even to flavor mulled wine or cocktails – dried orange slices are real all-rounders and can be used in a wide variety of ways. And if you’re interested in a new DIY project this winter, we’ll tell you the best methods and helpful tips for drying orange slices.

Drying Orange Slices: Choose One of These Methods

As already mentioned, there are actually different methods for drying orange slices. Depending on what kitchen equipment you have, you could use the oven, a dehydrator, or even the microwave. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some oranges and let’s get started!

Air Dry Orange Slices

drying orange slices in dehydrator diy christmas decoration natural materials

The first method of drying orange slices takes some time but trust us – patience pays off. If you want to enjoy the wonderful scent they are drying, you can let the orange slices air dry. The most important thing for a successful result is to wash the oranges thoroughly and cut them into evenly thin slices. Then pat the orange slices lightly dry with kitchen paper, line a large baking tray with baking paper and lay them on top. Make sure the slices do not overlap. Place the tray in a place that is as warm as possible – the radiator is perfect for this, for example. Here’s a little tip – to speed up the process a little, we would recommend changing the baking paper every 3-4 hours. If you choose this method, you should allow 6 to 10 days – only then will the fruit slices be completely dry.

Drying Orange Slices in the Oven

drying orange slices in the oven diy cheap christmas decorations

You can dry orange slices a little faster in the oven. With this method, you should first wash them thoroughly and cut them into thin slices. To avoid small holes, don’t cut them too thinly. If you later want to use the dried orange slices to flavor drinks or dishes, always use organic oranges.  Line one or two baking trays with baking paper and arrange the slices on them so that they do not overlap. Put the baking trays in the oven and let the orange slices dry at 160F/70C degrees for about 8 hours. Turn the slices every 1 to 2 hours and if some dry faster than others, remove them. Then let the orange slices cool completely in the fresh air and only then put them in an airtight container.

In a Dehydrator

diy inexpensive christmas decorations air dry orange slices

Orange slices can be dried very easily and also very energy-efficiently (and with rising prices, we all want to save money). Place the cut slices inside and set the temperature to 113F/45C degrees if you want to use them for flavoring. However, if you would like to make a Christmas decoration with orange slices, a temperature of 149F/65C degrees would be optimal. The slices will be completely dry after around 16 to 20 hours. To speed up the process, turn the orange slices every now and then.

Drying Orange Slices in the Microwave

can you dry orange slices in the microwave

You don’t have time or patience and you need to go faster? Then you could dry orange slices in the microwave. However, they lose their taste and scent and are therefore rather unsuitable for flavoring dishes and drinks. But if you want to use them for decoration, then there is nothing wrong with the microwave. To do this, place a piece of baking paper on a plate and lay the orange slices on it. Then dry the fruits for 3 minutes at 900 watts and turn once. Then set the microwave to the lowest setting and let it run for 40 minutes. Very important – to remove the moisture, open the door very briefly every 5 minutes.

How to Use Dried Orange Slices?

how to use dried orange slices

You already know the best methods for drying orange slices. Okay, what could you do with them? You can actually use the dried fruits in many ways and we have a few great ideas for you to keep in mind.

  • Dried orange slices are ideal for flavoring winter drinks such as herbal tea, mulled wine or Christmas cocktails.
  • Use the dried fruit to give your stollen or Christmas cookies a fruity touch when baking. Dried orange slices are an absolute must-have for Christmas decorations and you can use them to spice up the Advent wreath or door wreath.
dried orange slices diy christmas decorations ideas
  • They can also be used to create beautiful Christmas arrangements.
  • Or why not decorate your Christmas gifts with dried orange slices?

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