How To Decorate for Christmas on a Budget? Copy These Affordable and Creative Ideas

by Kremy

How to decorate for Christmas on a budget? Are you asking yourself “How can I decorate for Christmas for less?” Is it possible to save money on Christmas decorations, and how to do that? We are here to help you! With these 10 budget-friendly ideas, you will have a beautifully decorated home without breaking the bank!

How to Decorate for Christmas on a Budget? Start With a Plan!

how to decorate for christmas on a budget

It’s this special and magical time of the year when we all think about decorating our homes. We want it to be filled with a joyful atmosphere. Yes, Christmas is just around the corner, and we have to get started. Every year, decorators and designers come up with new ideas for festive decorations and trendy color schemes, and there’s nothing wrong with following them. However, this means that most likely, you’ll need to spend a certain amount of money on new ornaments, and let’s be honest, there are better ways to spend it, don’t you agree? Is it possible to decorate for Christmas on a budget? Of course, it is! You can do it practically for free. Bright candle holders, festive garlands, and original Christmas tree ornaments – we shall tell you how to use a variety of items that you already have (or get for free) and turn them into original and beautiful decorations for your home!

DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments on a Budget

diy christmas tree ornaments on a budget

The Christmas tree is certainly the focal point of home decoration. Every member of the family will find a long-awaited gift under it. If you don’t have the opportunity to buy a real Christmas tree, you can place a few branches on a vase and decorate them. Handmade Christmas tree ornaments are always unique, and you can make them from any material – pieces of felt, twigs, yarn, salt dough, modeling clay, etc. You are not good at crafting? No, problem! Just ask the kids for help! Let them cut out the ornaments for your tree from colored craft paper! It’s going to be so much fun! And yes, preparing dried orange slices is one of the easiest things in the world, and you can use them in a million ways – to decorate the tree, as gift décor, string them as ornaments, make a garland… you name it!

Low Budget DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

low budget diy christmas wreath ideas

DIY Christmas wreath ideas range from lavish compositions to minimalist designs. You don’t even need to buy a base for your budget-friendly Christmas wreath. You can make it from cardboard, twigs, a dry-cleaners metal hanger, or even a paper plate (just cut out the center). Use a hot glue gun to decorate the wreath with natural materials, tree ornaments that you already have, ribbons, lace, dried fruits, cinnamon sticks, etc.

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Decorate the Windows

christmas window decorating ideas on a budget

How to decorate for Christmas on a budget? Let’s do it for free! Cut out paper snowflakes and glue them on the windows! Do you have washable markers? Use them to draw Santa, reindeer, trees, or other seasonal images on the glass. You haven’t got markers? Then dilute some toothpaste with water and get a brush to draw or write whatever you want on the windows. Do not forget about the window sill. If you have plants in pots, decorate them! Place jars with fairy lights on the windowsill, make a beautiful wreath, or make a garland with pine cones – the options are numerous!

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Use Glass Jars to Create a Festive Christmas Atmosphere

diy low budget christmas decoration ideas

Glass jars of different sizes and shapes can be easily transformed into candle holders or snow globes. A few ribbons, a sprig of fir or spruce, a bell – that’s all you need to add a festive twist to an empty glass jar.

Let It Be Light!

christmas fairy light decorations ideas

The easiest way to create a festive atmosphere in your home is to add light. Use all the fairy lights that you have! Decorate the fireplace, the tree, the windows, the walls, place them in jars or glass containers, combine them with candles, ornaments, and evergreen twigs to create a unique and magical Christmas atmosphere to make the December evenings brighter and cozier!

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Decorate for Christmas for Free with the Gifts of Nature

decorate for christmas for free

Beautiful Christmas decorations can be made with pine cones, acorns, dried fruits, and spices. You can use them for almost anything: arrange a composition for the coffee table, a centerpiece for the festive table, make garlands, tree ornaments, door or wall wreaths, etc.

Make a beautiful snow globe from a jar and pine cone

use glass jars to create a festive christmas atmosphere diy snow globe

A beautiful Christmas table settings doesn’t have to be expensive

how to decorate for christmas on a budget table setting

Make a tree from rope and decorate it with coffee beans and star anise

how can i decorate for christmas for less creative ideas

DIY garlands are very cheap and easy to make

diy garlands are very cheap and easy to make

Cones, ribbons and buttons – that’s all you need

decorate for christmas on a budget with these simple ideas


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