How to Make a Mesh Wreath for Christmas: Step by Step with Pictures

by Kremy

The Christmas holidays are coming, and it’s time to think about how your house will look and how to decorate the interior as well as the exterior of your home. Today we shall show you how to make a mesh wreath for Christmas with detailed step by step instructions with pictures. You can hang it indoors or outdoors and enjoy the cheer it will bring to your festive décor.

Why Make a Mesh Wreath for Christmas?

mesh and plaid ribbon diy mesh wreath ideas

Decorating the home for the biggest holiday of the year is a tradition that we all love. Decorating indoors and outdoors is part of the fun, and from the front door to the living room, kid’s room, bedroom, kitchen – every corner of the home should get our special attention. Isn’t it wonderful to open the door and see the staircase railings wrapped in garlands? Doesn’t the mantlepiece look so much more festive, decorated with glittering lights and ornaments? And isn’t it great to make your own wreaths that will welcome passersby, your neighbors, and visitors? That’s exactly what we shall be talking about – handmade Christmas wreaths.

DIY Christmas wreath crafts are numerous, and you can use anything that you have available – natural materials like fir twigs, pine cones, spruce or eucalyptus, fabric, paper, napkins, beads, tulle, pompoms… the list goes on and on. In general, all that is at home can be useful for creating an attractive wreath. But why make a mesh wreath for Christmas? Deco mesh is airy, lightweight, and very easy to work with. It is also a great choice if you want to decorate on a budget, and the result will exceed all your expectations. Additionally, the wreath can be decorated with paper snowflakes, bows, or any other decorative embellishments.

Another advantage of mesh Christmas wreaths is that the material comes in almost any color. You can choose one or two colors that will complement the rest of your festive decorations. Deco mesh holds its shape perfectly, it is elastic and strong enough to be shaped into different looks.

Here Are the Materials That You Need to Make a Mesh Wreath for Christmas:

  • Wire wreath form
  • 1 package of red deco mesh
  • 1 package of white deco mesh
  • 1 package of pipe cleaners
  • A decorative bow
  • Red and white Christmas baubles
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters


how to make a mesh wreath for christmas step by step instructions

Step 1: Cut the pipe cleaners in half and position them around the metal wire wreath form.

NOTE: If you want a lusher wreath, double the materials – mesh and pipe cleaners.

Step 2: Cut the red and white mesh into 8 inch/20 cm lengths.

Step 3: Roll each piece of mesh into a tight tube. Optionally, if you prefer a lusher look, you can gather 2-3 tubes into a bunch.

Step 4: Place the mesh tube on the wire wreath base and twist the pipe cleaner around it.

Step 5: Keep attaching the mesh tubes to the frame, alternating red and white colors, until you fill the whole base.

Step 6: Lay your wreath on a flat surface and fluff the mesh. If necessary, add a few more tubes until you have the desired look.

Step 7: Use the hot glue gun to arrange your baubles or other embellishments around the wreath.

Here Are Some More Ideas How to Make a Mesh Wreath for Christmas:

how to make a mesh wreath for christmas creative and festive ideas

White, red and silver mesh wreath with snowmen

white red and silver mesh wreath with snowmen

A beautiful tulle wreath with mesh bow and silver ornaments


This blue and white mesh wreath looks so wintery

how to make a mesh wreath for christmas creative ideas

The perfect wreath for your front door – Rudolf the reindeer and Christmas bells

christmas front door decorating ideas mesh wreath

You can combine deco mesh with other materials for your festive Christmas wreath

combine deco mesh with other materials for your festive christmas wreath

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