Pine Cone Christmas Crafts with Kids: Create Beautiful Home Decorations

by Kremy

It’s the perfect time for crafting again as the magical Christmas season approaches. And since the weather isn’t quite so good anymore and you’d rather make yourself comfortable at home, you can use it for fun craft afternoons to get into the Christmas spirit. How about doing something with your children? We have some adorable pine cone Christmas crafts with kids ideas for you!

Whether you simply use paint or additional craft materials such as jars, beads, pompoms etc., you can make beautiful Christmas decorations with the children.

Pine Cone Christmas Crafts with Kids Ideas – Painting and Decorating

pine cone christmas crafts with kids ideas painting and decorating

The tree cones can be easily decorated with acrylic paint or glitter glue as a basis for other homemade decorations. To do this, the paint is simply applied to the seed scales with a brush. A drop of hot glue can also be used to attach beads or small pom-poms.

You can then set up the finished cones or attach a loop to hang them up and use them as window decorations for Christmas. Or you can choose one of the following pine cone Christmas crafts with kids ideas:

Small Christmas Tree in a Jar

decorated pinecones in a jar diy christmas decoration

Glue a pine cone to the lid of a mason jar with hot glue. You can also paint it beforehand. Add any other decorative elements you like (e.g. artificial snow) and close the jar with the lid. You already have a little winter landscape in a glass!

pine cone christmas crafts with kids diy snow globe

You can also turn the whole thing into a real snow globe. To do this, fill the jar with distilled water and then add a little dishwashing liquid as well as glitter and artificial snowflakes. Screw the lid firmly and turn the upside down.

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Make Cute Christmas Trees in Caps

easy pine cone christmas crafts with kids

Paint the cones with green acrylic paint (or use any other shade). Once the paint is dry, you can use hot glue to attach beads here and there (or use self-adhesive). Then glue the cones into any caps. Deodorant caps are particularly suitable because their shape is somewhat similar to that of real flower pots.

materials for small fir trees paint beads hot glue and plastic caps

Gather the materials: pine cones, beads, caps, brushes, acrylic paints and hot glue

paint the pine cones with green acrylic paint and let dry

Paint the cones with green or other paint and decorate them with glitter.

attach decorative beads with hot glue

Using hot glue, glue beads here and there onto the cone scales.

glue the pine cone into the cap of a deodorant

Fix the pine cone into the cap.

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Pine Cone Christmas Crafts with Kids – How to Make a Reindeer?

pine cone christmas crafts with kids how to make a reindeer

Super simple and still really cute to look at – reindeer are simply part of Christmas decorations and you can make this type of decoration with pine cones. Usе a few sticks to make the legs by simply sticking them between the scales and fixing them with hot glue. A red pompom quickly becomes Rudolph’s nose and googly eyes give the decorative animal a funny look.

You can use brown pipe cleaners to make any antlers you want for your Christmas pine cone decorations. In the example, three teardrop-shaped loops were made on each side and glued together. Attach the antlers to the pine cone above the eyes, i.e. on the “head”.

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DIY Mini Christmas Tree with a Styrofoam Cone

glue small pine cones to a styrofoam cone to make a christmas tree

If you want to make a pine cone Christmas tree, all you need is a Styrofoam cone, hot glue and any other decorations you like. This idea for pine cone Christmas crafts with kids is really simple and suitable for children aged 6 and over, for example.

But younger, more experienced hands can also try their hand at the project.

Glue the pine cones around the cone with hot glue. Start from the bottom and work your way up row by row. Here and there you can also use other decorations instead of a cone (e.g. small Christmas baubles, pompoms, artificial berries, etc.).

pine cone christmas crafts with kids diy a mini tree

It is best to use a star for the top, which you can also make yourself if you can’t find anything suitable in the decoration store. For example, simple sticks can be glued or tied together like a star. If you wish, spray the tree with fake snow.

Finally, you can also drape a string of lights to light up the small Christmas tree and allow the pine cone decoration to be admired in the evening.

Tip: In a similar way, you can make a Christmas door wreath with the children. To do this, simply use a Styrofoam wreath and glue fir or pine cones to it.

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