How to Winterproof the Balcony? 5 Simple Measures to Take

by Kristiyana

Winter is just around the corner, and we all are preparing for the most wonderful time of the year. Not only do our houses and gardens, but our balconies also need special care to stay safe in winter. Below, we will show you how you can winterproof the balcony. 

Here, we give you some practical tips on what measures you should take with your balcony to make wintering easier. Furniture, flowers, and everything else needs to be properly cared for, and it is worth the effort because you will be able to enjoy this common resting space for longer.

Winterproof the Balcony: First, Clean & Tidy Up Thoroughly

winterproof the balcony

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should leave your balcony messy. Before the cold weather sets in, you should clean your balcony thoroughly and put away everything you don’t need over the winter. Removing cushions and throws is an important step in waterproofing the balcony, as winter moisture will damage your beautiful accessories.

After removing them, clean the balcony furniture and cover them with waterproof material for protection from the moisture. Covering furniture is especially important when it is metal and wood, but it is a good idea for plastic furniture as well.

The balcony is a convenient place to store things you don’t have space for at home. Make sure the storage location you choose is waterproof and freeze-proof to protect your belongings.

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Don’t Forget to Clean the Balcony Gutters

don't forget to clean the balcony gutters

Gutters on the balcony also need to be cleaned so that rainwater and snow don’t build up. It is imperative that the pipes be thoroughly cleaned by the end of fall. A shovel and hand brush can easily be used to remove leaves and mud from gutters. This means the water will be able to flow away unhindered.

Do not leave water on the balcony because in cold weather it freezes and can cause damage. You should always be on the lookout for signs of a leak and do a thorough inspection at least once a year. As soon as you notice signs of balcony damage, such as water accumulation, lifting or cracked tiles, missing seals and joints, have the damaged areas repaired before winter arrives.

Winterproof the Balcony with a Cozy Shelter

To ensure balcony protection in winter, you should provide it with shelter. You can use various insulating materials to protect yourself from rain and wind, and you can also use tall potted plants or tall planters. A temporary winter balcony roof is not only a great way to ward off the worst of the weather, but also to make your balcony winterproof and cozy. Depending on what type of canopy you build, it can also help insulate both the balcony and your apartment.

With fairy lights and lanterns, you can create coziness on the balcony in winter. Don’t just use them at Christmas, light them up as soon as it gets dark and cold and enjoy the cozy view from your living room.

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Winter Protection for Potted Plants on the Balcony

winterproofing the balcony potted plants

Of course, you should take care of your potted plants on the balcony in winter. All potted plants on the balcony must be protected from sub-zero temperatures with mulch, as the root balls of plants in pots and planters are not as protected as those in the ground and can quickly freeze to death.

While heat-loving exotic plants must be overwintered indoors, garden plants in pots can remain outdoors with sufficient winter protection. Wrap the pots with insulating foil or sacks. Balcony and potted plants come from a wide variety of regions. We should consider the individual temperature tolerances of the plants and plan the times for indoor and outdoor stays.

How to make a simple balcony garden? To overwinter plants on the balcony, get them into good shape by cutting them back and checking for pests. Reduce watering for the winter season, as most plants will be going dormant.

To winterproof your balcony, choose suitable perennials. Here are some ideas.

Clean and set up the birdhouses

cleaning and setting up the bird feeders on the balcony

Don’t just look after the plants on your balcony, but also the birds in winter. Clean the bird feeders and stock them with suitable food for the cold season. Also provide water and change it regularly in case it freezes. Place the birdhouses under an overhang and make sure they are in a place protected from the wind and cold.

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