How to make a simple balcony garden? When and which vegetables to choose? Follow this easy guide!

by Kristiyana

We know that in winter, motivation is not always there, but the benefits of gardening are well known. From a healthy point of view, it helps to reduce blood pressure, stress and is especially good for your mental health. Even in the city and without the chance to enjoy a proper garden, do you happen to know how to make a vegetable balcony garden on your own? How about we offer you a simple guide to follow? Here we go!

How to make a balcony vegetable garden?


First of all, here are the materials needed to start a vegetable garden on a balcony:

  • Clay pots
  • A watering can of at least 5 L
  • A water sprayer to cool the leaves of the plants
  • Good quality organic potting soil
  • A flower or rock claw to aerate the soil surface

Next, you should know that not all plants need the same amount of space in a balcony garden. For example, courgettes or cucumbers will need large containers 40 to 50 cm deep. Herbs and other spices will only need 15 to 20 cm deep containers. The same applies to radishes or salads for your spring starters. Finally, hanging baskets are perfectly suited for delicious cherry tomatoes. Let’s get to work!

Which vegetables should you grow on a balcony?



On the balcony, some varieties are easy to plant. Here are some of the best-known varieties, which should delight young and old alike:

  • beetroot
  • cucumber
  • cabbage
  • green beans
  • salads
  • tomatoes

We would also like to remind you that aromatic herbs can be grown on balconies and terraces without too much maintenance. And fort those of you who are more lazy, don’t worry—they grow quickly. For anyone new to this, we recommend radishes. They are the easiest vegetables to grow. And again, do it quickly. From April to October, you can sow radishes in stages so that you always have some on hand. Just think about drainage and the quality of the universal substrate. Also, make sure to leave your pots in the sun or half-shade. Follow our step-by-step advice to achieve this:

  • Sow the seeds
  • Barely cover them with soil
  • Pack lightly
  • Mist the whole area
  • Always keep the soil moist

If all goes well, your first radishes should appear after a week. When you need them, pick the small radishes to thin them out naturally. Finally, be sensible and don’t skimp on watering.

When to plant a balcony garden?


Depending on your region, be patient and beware of frosts. In general, the best time to plant a balcony garden is when the temperatures start to ease. March seems to be the most appropriate time, while keeping an eye on the last few cold snaps. It is then time to proceed as follows:

  • prepare your containers
  • clean if necessary
  • set up containers for your next planting
  • sow certain seeds of vegetables that are not very cold, such as radishes or certain aromatic seeds such as parsley, directly in pots
  • sow pepper or tomato seeds indoors

And if Valentine’s Day has given you ideas, why not try planting flowers? Yes, yes, it is possible, even if you take it at the last minute! For this, we recommend that you opt for planters with hardy flowers that bloom before spring arrives. Hyacinths, daffodils, pansies or primroses, you are spoilt for choice! Finally, if you feel like it, sow mixtures of flowering meadow seeds or melliferous flowers in larger containers. Colourful results guaranteed!


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