Red French tip nails: A gorgeous manicure trend 2023 that will make you feel stylish and chic!

by Anjelina

Do you like the classic French manicure? But do you want to keep the attractive red nail color that is so trendy right now? 2023 offers the possibility to combine both French and red manicure! We’re talking about red French tip nails, which are extremely popular at the moment and worth giving a try! Our collection of ideas will help you try out the amazing combination on your nails regardless of their shape and length, so that they successfully complement your look and individual style!

Who are red French tip nails suitable for?

red french tip nail manicure trends 2023

Red French tip nails are suitable for women who like bold combinations. Red is a color associated with love and passion, and the fact that we are in the month of love is another reason not to give it up, especially if you love red manicures. Season 2023 offers a new take on the classic – French manicure with red nail tips. Even if it seems too extravagant an idea, we have prepared several great versions of the design, among which you will surely find the one that suits your taste!

How to do red French tip nails?

red french tip manicur trendy easy stylish idea


Every girl can create red tipped French manicure on her own, without going to beauty salons. All you will need is a base coat, a shade of red nail polish that you like, a thin brush and a finishing top coat.

  1. At the beginning you need to shape your nails – choose the desired length, remove the cuticles. Once finished, apply a base coat on your nails.
  2. Take the brush that comes with your red nail polish and use it to cover the tips of your nails. Then, with a thin brush, you need to smooth out the French line, all the curves and make sure to carefully apply nail polish in the corners.
  3. When the colored polish dries, apply a thin layer of top coat.

Red French tip manicures: Trends 2023

long square nails red french manicure

Red French tip nails are definitely at the peak of popularity in 2023. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at some of the greatest red French tip manicure trends and variations to get inspired and choose the right one for you!

Skinny French tips

skinny French manicure thin red tips

If you choose thin red nail tips, know that you can’t go wrong. The micro trend that’s taking over the fashion world in 2023 and celebrating ‘small beauty’ and minimalism definitely has its perks. On that note, opt for micro red French nails which apart from keeping you up to date with fashion are also extremely easy to create, given that if you are a beginner, you will find it much easier to create a very thin line where any slight curves will not be so noticeable.

Matte finish

matte red french tip nails modern stylish option for red-nail lovers


The matte finish of the red French manicure gives it a more restrained look, which may appeal to ladies who like more sophisticated and elegant designs. This is an example of a manicure that is eye-catching, but simple enough to be done. Just follow our tips for creating red French tip nails above and add a matte finish at the end. However, if you’re unsure of your skills, seek out a professional manicurist.

Modern combination of white and red

red tips and white lines manicure idea

Why necessarily exclude the white nail polish, a classic color for making a French manicure, when you can create a unique design with its help? Paint the tips of your nails red and apply white lines with a thin brush. Use the photo above as inspiration, but also experiment with your own unique ideas, we are sure you have, that would look gorgeous too! Just try to keep it all simple and elegant!

Elegant manicure with rhinestones

beautiful elegant nail design art rhinestones red French

Is there a formal event coming up soon that you need to prepare for? If yes, then you need to look gorgeous, stylish and fashionable to feel good and fit in! That’s why we suggest you choose a red French manicure, to which you can add beautiful rhinestones and create an amazing design that will leave no one indifferent. This manicure is also particularly suitable if you opt for a classic red dress. Your nails will look like the perfect complement, rest assured!

Delicate nail designs

delicate french manicure red tips pink flower

Complement the red French style with minimalistic designs on one of your nails! For example, you can paint a flower on the nail of your ring finger. Paint the tips of your other nails red for a modern take on the classic French manicure. This idea is very suitable for ladies who are looking for a soft, feminine and romantic look in simple, neat shapes and colors! If you also like this design, go ahead and get it done at home or at your manicurist!

Red French tip manicures – Photo Gallery

modern version of the classic French manicure with red tips

Modern pink and red variation

pink and red french nails combination

Stylish red ombre nails

stylish red ombre long square nails

Classic combination of colors – black, white and red

red tips classic black and white combination nail desgin

Chic red French manicure on long nails

red french nails modern design 2023

Red French tips and white accents

red French tip nails white lines manicure

Gorgeous red and gold nail design idea

red manicure gold accents trend 2023


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