Bullet bob: The new version of the 2023 square haircut with a hint of “shaggy”

by Gabby

It’s only February and there are already dozens of different hair trends to choose from this year. Short, long, with or without bangs, blonde, pink or gray… no matter how you feel, there’s something new for you every month. So if you haven’t found your style yet, here’s a bold idea. It’s called “Bullet Bob”! Yes, this is another version of the bob haircut that can be adopted by both women and men. Want to know more about this unisex style? Let’s go!

What exactly is the Bullet bob haircut?

bullet bob haircut trends 2023 what is it exactly how to wear it

photo credit: peterluxhair

It’s hard to tell the difference between the many variations of the bob haircut, but here’s a bullet bob explanation. It can be useful when trying to describe it to your hairdresser. Sometimes showing a photo is not enough. So, to be sure you get what you want, explain this to him:

The bullet bob is an evolved version of the cut known as the “Wolf Cut”. These are the mullet and shag styles, which have been very popular for the past two years, although super retro, extravagant and spunky. This year they get a more elegant and delicate look. How ? In 2023, we will combine the “wolf” cut with the French square. Sounds amazing, right?

haircut trends 2023 bullet bob hairstyle


Check out Florence Pugh’s photo above. She is the perfect example of how to wear the Bullet bob. To achieve this look, cut a tapered, layered Wednesday Adams-style bob that hits just above your shoulders. Then add a shorter, detailed layer that reaches the hollow of your cheekbones. This will frame your face and modernize the mid-length bob.

So if the classic French bob seems boring and overly conservative to you, this variation is perfect for you.

The Bullet bob: Who is it for?

bullet bob trends 2023

Are you tired of wearing bangs? It’s the perfect time to adopt the Bullet bob since it incorporates the curtain fringe which pushes back to perfection. What’s also great is the versatility of the style that can fit any face shape and even gender. Do you remember Billy Hargrove in Season 3 of Stranger Things? He is the perfect example that also proves that this haircut works equally well with curly hair as well as straight hair.

Square haircut

square bob haircut how to style it 2023

This type of bob works best when you give it a dynamic, messy-style texture. So it’s best to air dry your hair with a generous amount of leave-in conditioner. You can also add light waves with a flat iron on low heat once the hair is completely dry.

For special occasions, you can try different hair accessories. The headbands are perfect on this type of bob as well as the colored barrettes on the side. And if you want more inspiration to cut your hair short, you can check out the Blogger bob, which is one of the trendiest haircuts at the moment.

Billie Eilish bob haircut 

billie eilish bob haircut blonde hairstyles 2023

Bullet bob with wispy bangs 

bullet bob haircut with wispy bangs 2023 hairstyle ideas

Square bob trend 2023 with curtain bangs 

square bob haircut with curtain bangs trends 2023


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