Remove Rust from Metal Outdoor Furniture: Save Your Iron Garden or Balcony Items from Destroyment!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Rust doesn’t have to be allowed to destroy your metal garden or balcony furniture. So, roll up your sleeves, put on your safety gear, and be ready to turn these outdoor possessions into a shining embodiment of your care and effort. Is it easy to remove rust from metal outdoor furniture? How to clean rusty garden surfaces the fastest way?

What Dissolves Rust Off Metal?

remove rust from metal patio furniture

Rust, the insusceptible reddish-brown threat, which is often seen on metal surfaces due to the chemical reaction between iron, oxygen, and moisture, can transform your nice outdoor furniture into an ugliness. Whether it’s a lovely vintage chair or another piece of trendy design, rust can meet halfway both aesthetic look and structural completeness. Greatfully, there are a number of methods, with which you are able to efficiently dissolve it off metal surfaces, and knowing the approaches, you’ll be aware of how to remove rust from metal outdoor furniture, renewing it and extending its lifespan.

How to Remove Rust from Metal Outdoor Furniture?

remove rust from metal outdoor furniture


Rust removal is a gradual process, for which are necessary chemical, as well as mechanical steps of cleaning. Here’s the full guide on how to bring back the shine to your metal outdoor furniture:

  • Take the necessary materials. Prior to start the rust removing process, take the needed materials: gloves, safety goggles, a wire brush or steel wool, rust dissolver or vinegar, baking soda, a scrubbing brush, sandpaper, and a rust-resistant primer and paint.
  • Prepare the cleaning area. Perform the operations in a space with good ventilation. The better place is outdoors, to not inspire fumes from the dissolvers. Lay a drop cloth or papers on the cleaning surface to catch possible drips or debris.
  • Remove rust residues. With the help of the wire brush or steel wool, lightly scrub the furniture to take away loose rust, dust and derbies. Be careful not to graze the metal’s surface.

how to remove rust from outdoor furniture with a metal brush

  • Scrub the surface. After leaving the dissolving chemical to act, use a scrub brush or abrasive pad to scrub the surface, taking away the residues from rust and loosened particles. Then rinse the furniture under running water to wash away the residue.
  • Apply soda paste. Add baking soda to water till it forms a paste. Apply it to the rusted surfaces and let it stay for about 60 minutes. Scrub the paste lightly with a brush or abrasive pad to take away lingering rust. Then rinse abundantly.
  • Sand lightly. If there are still residues of rust left, utilize fine-grit sandpaper to sand the surface lightly. This will result in more smooth metal, which is cleaned from the remaining rust particles.
  • Dissolve it chemically. For severe rust, use a commercial rust dissolver or a natural solution. If using a commercial cleaner, follow the written instructions for the product’s use. In case of a homemade cleaner, soak the rusty surfaces in a solution of one to one parts white vinegar with water for 3–4 hours. Vinegar’s acid properties will be beneficial in dissolving rust.

removing rust from outdoor metal furniture

  • Primer and paint. You should not allow future rusting, therefore, brush it with a rust-resistant primer for a more cleaned and sanded surface. When the primer is already dry, cover the furniture with rust-resistant outdoor paint in your precious color combination. This will not only better its look, but is also a wonderful protective barrier against the elements.

The Fastest Way to Remove Rust from Metal Outdoor Furniture

rusted drill bit remove rust from metal outdoor furniture (1)

As thorough rust cleaning needs time and patience, there are faster methods to cope with a small surface rust or little rust spots:

  1. Mechanical cleaning. In case of minor rust spots, miss the chemical methods and opt for mechanical ones. Utilize a wire brush, steel wool, or sandpaper to lightly wipe away the rust. This method is quick and good for small-scale rust development.
  2. Power tools removal. Power tools like angle grinders outfitted with wire brush attachments can make rust removal on larger surfaces rather faster. Exert caution and wear protective gear, as power tools allow a quick removal of rust, but along with a layer of metal if not used cautiously.
  3. Rust converters. These converters are chemical products that transform rust into a stable fusion, preventing further corrosion. They are beneficial for quick fixations, but may not lead to the same level of long-lasting protection as when performing rust removal and priming.
  4. Electrolysis removal. Electrolysis implicates a chemical reaction used to lift rust from the metal surface. While this approach is efficient, it involves some setup and safety prudence.
  5. Commercial rust cleaners. These rust removers often work faster than natural solutions, because of their special formulations. Though, they may contain hard chemicals, so the necessary security measures should be taken.

vhow to clean rust off metal outdoor furniture

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