Back-to-school Cleaning: Marie Kondo-style 9-step Guide to Start the School Year Stress-Free!

by Kristiyana

How can you reduce stress when you are preparing your child for the new school year? How to organize your house after the holidays? What to buy and what to avoid? Follow Marie Kondo’s “Back-to-School Cleaning” guide to create a harmonious and organized environment for your family.

Back-to-school Cleaning: 9-step Marie Kondo-style Guide

back to school cleaning tips with marie kondo

The holiday season is almost over, and now you have to unpack the luggage, and wash all the clothes and beach toys. Next, you need to examine your child’s wardrobe and desk and buy some new back-to-school staples. Sounds like a race against time, doesn’t it? But it shouldn’t be so hard. As someone with a Mars in Virgo, I’ve taken the KonMari method and added some personal tips to help you eliminate stress. Here’s how!

Declutter and Clean

Following the principles of Marie Kondo, walk around your home, room by room, and declutter. Encourage each family member, including your children, to go through their belongings and get rid of items they no longer enjoy or need. Make separate piles for items to donate, recycle or throw away. You will certainly find clothes that no longer suit your child because he or she has grown out of them. You will find markers and pens that no longer work, or notebooks which’s pages are already filled with notes.

organizer at home with konmari method of storage


Make a List

Once you’ve cleared the cupboards and shelves, take a sheet of paper and make a list of all the items you need to buy. Separate them into several sections: clothing, lingerie, stationery, accessories. If you do this in advance, you can check online stores or local ones to find the best deals. You can still benefit from mid-season sales, so take advantage of them as well.

Sort School Supplies

After you’ve bought everything you need, dedicate an hour to home organization. Gather all the school supplies your children will require, such as backpacks, notebooks, pencils, food boxes, etc. Check the lesson plan and see if you haven’t forgotten anything. This will save you the stress of a last minute purchase.

fold clothes like marie kondo

Organize Clothes

Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end. So, fold and pack all the clothes you won’t need during the fall-winter season. Store them in boxes above the wardrobe or under the bed. Once you’ve made room for the new clothes, check out Marie Kondo’s guide for how to:

Back-to-school Cleaning the House

The back-to-school cleaning cannot happen without actual cleaning! This includes cleaning the windows, washing the curtains, dusting, cleaning the washing machine and the dishwasher. You have to go through all the rooms of the house and make sure you maintain this cleanliness throughout the winter as well. It will take you a day or two, but you will save time and stress during the school year. I advise you to make homemade cleaning products that will save you money. In addition, they are also more environmentally friendly.

prepare the manu for the week without stress batch cooking

Create a Menu for the Week

Days in autumn are getting shorter and people tend to eat dinner earlier than in summer. But once you finish work, you have to rush to pick up the children from school, which limits the time you have. Don’t panic and wonder what you’re going to cook tonight. Plan everything in advance. This will also help you to do the shopping you need over the weekend, so you don’t have to do it during your lunch break or after work. You can update the grocery list every Saturday to diversify the menu.

Plan the Morning Routine

You don’t have to wake up two hours before the rest of the family to pack lunch, prepare outfits, and backpacks. According to Marie Kondo, all family members must be involved in the process. This is very important, especially for children who are learning what awaits them in life. Give them small, age-appropriate tasks, such as:

  • choosing their clothes
  • preparing their backpacks
  • sharpening the pencils

Even if they don’t do it perfectly, it’s something new for them, so motivate them, say thank you or congratulations! It sounds elementary, but it might mean a lot to your children.

motivation for family morning routine

Explain Everything

Sometimes children don’t understand why you do some things and tasks. Treat them like adults. Explain everything to them instead of ordering them “Do this or that!”. Otherwise, they may feel stressed, start crying or stubbornly refuse. For example, say, “Please, can you fill the cat bowls, so Tiger has something to eat and drink while I take you to school?” instead of “Feed the cat!” “.

Include Funny Moments

Not everything should be related to work and daily chores, as this creates unnecessary pressure. You have to add funny moments and things that motivate you and your children. You’ll feel better, happier, and you’ll teach your little ones to appreciate the little things in life. If you have a garden, you can start the day with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. You can also put on some music, leave a sticky note with a motivational quote on the mirror, or add a chocolate egg to your child’s lunch box. Think about what your loved ones like.

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Cleaning Plan to Download for Free

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Free cleaning plan

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Weekly Lesson Plan to Print for Free

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Free Weekly Lesson Plan

back to school free lesson plan to download

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