How to save space in your closet? Marie Kondo’s brilliant solution!

by Kremy

If your closet looks like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, it’s time to take the time and organize it. Do not panic! This has many positive aspects to this. If you manage to sort your clothes, you will find that it’s like a mental wellness. Also, you have to let go of the old to make way for the new. Are you convinced? If you’re not yet, take a look at the photos below and the tips from the famous Marie Kondo. We are sure you will love the result! Well, without wasting any more time, here is how to save space in your closet!

How to save space in your closet using the KonMarie method?

how to save space in your closet

Remove all of your belongings from the closet and lay them out on the bed. Are there clothes with holes, faded, too small or too big? Well, their place is definitely not in the closet. This means that your closet needs a detox! So before you buy another fancy item, think about where you’re going to store it. Here are 10 simple steps you can take to get an incredibly clean and tidy place!

Get rid of clothes that no longer bring you joy

How to save space in your closet Marie Kondo brilliant solution


Would you eat sushi if you didn’t like it? Will you keep watching a bad movie? We doubt it. So why should you treat your stuff differently? In this situation, Marie Kondo offers a simple advice: Keep what brings you joy and get rid of everything else. In case you’re having a hard time deciding, put them on and look in the mirror. Is this outfit Instagram-able? If not, thank it and donate it. You can also resell unnecessary pieces online. This is a great opportunity to make some money.

Save space in your closet: Excess accessories

remove unnecessary clothing and accessories to save space in your closet

Belts, scarves, gloves, hats, bags, shoes… What else? If you are desperately trying to find a place for all these accessories in your closet, it means that their place is not there! Simple, isn’t it? But what if you live in a small apartment and you have no choice? In this case, store them in boxes and put them under the hanging clothes. Make sure to recycle those that are already deformed.

Out of season clothes

save space in the wardrobe declutter fold clothes

According to Marie Kondo, the technique of arranging clothes according to the seasons is already “outdated”, because air conditioning and central heating blur the thermal differences between the seasons. But you can still store bulkier items like coats and sweaters in vacuum storage bags to save space in the closet. Put them under the bed or on a shelf above the hanging clothes.

Don’t be nostalgic!

what is KonMarie method for folding clothes


Nostalgia is not a reason to keep any clothing. So if the colors are no longer visible or if you can’t read the message on the t-shirt, it’s time to say goodbye. You can reuse them for cleaning or simply recycle them. But remember: less is more!

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Learn how to fold your clothes

how to declutter and tidy the house

According to Kondo, your clothes will be happier if you fold them. Then it’s time to put them away and the best way to do that is to stack them vertically. That way you can fit 20-40 folded pieces where you would normally hang ten.

Duplicate clothes

save space in your closet instructions

What’s the point of having 3 black t-shirts or 2 green dresses? We’ll tell you – There’s absolutely no point! Invest in just one, but make sure it’s of good quality. This will allow you to wear it longer before having to replace it with a new model.

Save space in your closet – inspiring ideas

how to organize the closet Marie Condo method

Respect your clothes and give them enough space

how to organize a wardrobe

Separate your closets into different sections and organize your clothes better.

how to fold clothes

Remove orphan socks from your drawers. You don’t need them.

how to organize closet drawers

Don’t keep clothes and accessories you bought on impulse.

very functional ikea closet

Set a goal and achieve it. Create a beautiful and inspiring closet!

a trendy dream wardrobe 2022


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