Attic walk in closet ideas – transform the unused space under the roof

by Kremy

awesome attic ideas walk in closet with great furniture and organization system

Attic walk in closet ideas show us original and convenient solutions. If your house has an attic floor and you plan to convert it into a closet, you will find some great ideas in the photo gallery below and we shall give you some practical tips that will make this task easier. Many houses have attic floors and nowadays this space is not used not for storing old things, but as a living space. Attic conversion is getting more and more popular and we have seen fantastic examples of living rooms, bedrooms, art studios, playrooms, etc.

A walk-in closet located in the attic will become a practical and convenient way to store garments, shoes, bags, etc. Just like with any other home improvement ideas, there are some challenges that should be kept in mind. Attics have slanted ceilings, different height and very often, insufficient light. However, with good planning, all of these can be overcome.

Planning begins with creating a design project. Attics differ and can have asymmetric, rectangular and triangular shape. This means that the design project must be based on the configuration of the attic. It must take into account all the windows, doors, niches and the height of each wall. Where walls are lower, shelves for shoes and accessories can be installed. Shelves for those things that need to be stored folded can be installed between the highest and longest walls. If you are not very good at planning, you can seek for professional help. Architects and designers will surely offer you a solution which meets your criteria and personal needs. The project will feature the sizes, location of storage modules and their number, how the rods, hangers, shelves and baskets will be installed, depending on how many and what things you have to store.

What are the advantages of turning the attic into a walk in closet?

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An attic closet will allow you to store jackets, hats, shoes, etc. and the belongings of the whole family will be located in one place. If there is a lot of space in the attic, then it can be used to store toys, skis, and other sports equipment. You can organize the space of the closet and have a separate zone for male, female and children’s clothing. Let’s highlight the advantages of attic walk in closet ideas:

One of the main advantages is that an attic conversion expands your living space. A walk in closet in the attic frees up the space occupied by the cabinets, wardrobes and chests of drawers in bedrooms. Now clothes and shoes will not be scattered around the house. You can have all clothing in one place and each member of the family will have his own separate corner. This will save your time when getting ready for work and school in the morning.

Another advantage is that you will have a spacious closet. Due to the fact that the storage space is significantly bigger you can hang and lay out clothes and they will not be wrinkled. Further to that, you can keep seasonal clothing in one place.

Storage systems can be placed around the perimeter of the room. If you are skilled at DIY projects, you can build racks and shelves by yourself which will save you a significant amount of money.

the best attic design ideas storage shelves organization systems

In the middle of the closet you can create a convenient place for changing clothes. Place a soft, fluffy carpet, a full-length mirror, a dressing table and an ottoman.

Attic walk in closet ideas for design, storage and organization systems

When planning your walk-in closet in the attic it is best if you start with a drawing. Make a sketch which will visualize your ideas for the optimal use of space. Mark the window openings, the height of the ceiling at different points, protruding elements, etc.

Plan the distribution of shelves for shoes and clothes depending on the height of the ceiling.

contemporary attic design ideas closet with glass doors

Choose the door type. If the closet is only part of the attic, it is better to order sliding, rather than swing doors. This will save maximum space that can be used for other purposes.

Think about lighting. This is especially important when the attic has no windows. Even if you have windows, it is better to consider proper curtains or blinds so that daylight does not damage your belongings. The part of the room where the mirror is located should be properly lit as well. Shelves and niches can be equipped with lamps which will allow you to quickly determine the location of the right things.

attic closet ideas design lighting furniture tips

You should take care of proper insulation and waterproofing. Ventilation is something that homeowners often neglect. However, ventilation is important. It prevents stale air and clothes and other things stored in the closet do not catch bad smell but remain fresh. If the clothes smell of dampness (mold), it will be almost impossible to remove it.

Think of finishing materials. When decorating the attic floor, it is recommended to use light colors. Such a solution will visually expand the interior space of the room.

Attic walk in closet ideas for design storage and organization systems

Plan your storage and organization systems carefully. Due to the structure of attics there are two main options for placing furniture. The first option is to place cabinets, shelves and rods along a high wall. The advantage of this solution is that there is no need to order low furniture. The other option is to use the space along the low walls. The solution is very convenient if most of the stored clothes are short. The height of structures installed under a low ceiling is usually about 1 m. Of course, there are many different closet organization systems that you can use creatively. The photos below can be your inspiration!



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Attic walk in closet ideas open shelving system storage space

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