Attic conversion ideas – how to use the space effectively?

by Kremy

attic living room with whitewashed brick wall and exposed beams

Attic conversion ideas come to help homeowners expand the living space of their house. It is easy to organize almost any type of room, especially if it is well insulated and beautifully decorated. The attic can be transformed into a very cozy place, if properly furnished. Under the roof, you can successfully arrange a master bedroom or a guest bedroom, a nursery, a home office and even a living room – it all depends on your needs. The design of the attic has its own specifics due to the low ceilings, small windows and slanting roof lines. However, with careful planning and creative design decisions and techniques, these shortcomings can be used in original ways and your attic room will become the highlight of the interior.

Attic conversion ideas – what do you need to know?

attic conversion ideas living room design and decorating ideas


When you look for attic conversion ideas it is important to take into account the specific features of this type of space. It all depends on the size and layout of your attic, as well as on the specific purpose of the room that you plan to arrange.

how to remodel your attic creative ideas for additional living space

On the first place the attic can be warm or cold. When properly insulated, the temperature in the attic will probably be comfortable at any time of the year. Of course, you need to think of heating and cooling as well to make sure that your bedroom, living room bathroom, etc. will be comfortable and welcoming in the cold winter months and cool during the hot summer period. You can place a conventional heater or a decorative fireplace, install floor heating or simply place a soft carpet.

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Lighting is another important thing that you need to consider. The specifics of lighting in the attic will depend on whether you have windows on the roof and how large they are. It is good when there is at least one small window in the attic. If there are no windows, this room is unlikely to be comfortable as a nursery or living room. However it is quite possible to make a small bedroom and you can place several lamps that provide adequate lighting. Modern houses often have panoramic windows and this is the perfect solution that will make a room in the attic especially pleasant and cozy. Window treatment like curtains and blinds will allow you to control the amount of light.

attic conversion ideas guest bedroom design

The height of the ceiling will also play an important role when considering a floor plan. The ceilings in this part of the house almost always turn out to be slightly lower than in other rooms, but if you can easily sit in a chair in the attic, it will be suitable for almost any room. If the roof is very low, it is best if you transform the space into an extra bedroom. Another option is to arrange a nursery room or a playroom but when the children grow up, you will have to remodel the space.

attic design living room and bedroom ideas

As far as style and design of attic space are concerned, the main task is to choose design solutions that contribute to the visual expansion of the space. Most often, the attic is a small room, although there are exceptions. Since there is no physical possibility to change the layout and expand the room, choosing the right color scheme and proper furniture will help you create an aesthetically pleasing and functional living space. You can choose any design style as long as it corresponds to the overall style of the interior of the house, as well as on the purpose of the room. You do not need to purchase any decorative accessories and furniture pieces in advance. It is important that you are comfortable walking around the room, sitting in an armchair or at a table. The functionality of furniture in the attic room should come first.

Creative and original attic conversion ideas

modern attic design ideas fireplace focal point on wall

The attic space differs in size in every house. It is advisable to consider the purpose of the premises at the planning stage in order to know what communications you will need. If there is enough space you can make a living room and bedroom with ensuite bathroom. However, even the modest dimensions of the available space are not an obstacle to creating a stylish interior. Volume can be added with the help of successful lighting, maximized height and width of window openings, harmonious color scheme, etc. If you want to furnish the attic, making it a cozy living room, for example, it is important to carefully consider the design project. It is necessary to think for the layout, decoration, furniture and accessories. In the gallery below you will find some great attic conversion ideas.

attic remodel living room with fireplace and accent wall

A cozy living room in the attic can be created with a minimum of effort. A carefully thought-out design can even turn a not very large room into a great place for entertaining your friends and family. The interior of a living room in the attic has its own characteristics. It should accommodate everything you need for your time with family and friendly get-togethers. Furniture should not be excessively bulky, heavy or high. A sectional sofa, armchairs, coffee table and a TV are all that is needed for this room. An artificial fireplace in the living room also looks good. Storage can be arranged along the walls. Try to choose compact furniture, experiment with shapes or think of built-ins. In a spacious attic you can use furniture pieces to perform zoning functions as well.

Attic conversion ideas how to use the space

Transforming the attic into a bedroom is a great option because ceilings are usually lower and windows are small. Thanks to the roofline you can create a unique interior with a special atmosphere. Even if you have a very small attic, it is quite possible to equip a bedroom, because this requires a minimum of furniture – a bed, nightstands and a chest of drawers – this is all you need. A bedroom in the attic can be practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Do not forget that this is a place for relaxation and peace, a place where nothing should excite or irritate the eye and interfere with sleep. The selection of colors has a very important role. It is best if the color scheme is in harmony with the interior of the entire house. Warm, soft colors are suitable for any bedroom. Remember that dark tones will reduce the space while light shades will visually increase it.Choose beige, blue, pale pink, mint, peach, etc. Avoid saturated tones such as red, burgundy or orange as they excite the brain or use them as accent colors.

Attic room design and decorating ideas in neutral colors

Remodeling the attic into a kitchen and dining room is great but it requires more work and appropriate communications. Not only light and insulation will be needed, but also the supply of gas and water. That is why kitchen in the attic is rarely done, but its arrangement is quite possible. A well planned interior of the attic with a kitchen and dining room can become comfortable and beautiful. It is important to take into account the layout of the room, the height of the ceilings, the shape and slope of the ceilings and of course, choose the right style and furniture.

home office ideas attic conversion built in shelves

If you need a separate room for working at home, you can furnish a home office it in the attic. It may sound unusual, but if you think about it, this is a great place to organize your workspace. The attic area is usually isolated from the rest of the house, which means that it is the best place for you to concentrate on your activity. Even if you have a large family, you can expect that you will not be disturbed there. Office equipment can be placed, storage shelves, table lamp, etc. The desktop can be placed against the wall, in the center of the room or next to the window. Often, window sills are used as countertops, giving functionality to the design of the home office.

girl bedroom ideas attic remodel tips

Among the most popular attic conversion ideas is transforming the space into a kids room or playroom. Indeed, there you can create a cozy place for children, toys and even allocating a place to study. However, in this case, it is important to take care of good lighting. In addition, steep stairs that lead directly into the room may be unsafe for small children. Therefore, you have to make sure that the staircase is safe, with strong handrails and the hatch to the floor closes securely.

attic bathroom with freestanding tub and walk in shower

Attic bathroom design ideas are numerous. The bathroom, unlike other rooms, requires more thorough technical planning which includes sewage and water supply. Do not forget about humidity as well as constant temperature changes, this means that you will need moisture-resistant materials. The shape, color and size of the bathroom equipment will be determined by the style and color concept of the interior. You can choose a wall, corner or freestanding bathtub – there are no restrictions and the only concern is the available space. If the space allows you to place a bathtub, it is better to choose an acrylic model as it will have less load on the floor, than, for example, a cast-iron tub.

home design attic conversion ideas art studio

Art and craft lovers often transform the attic into a studio for their hobbies. If you are passionate about painting, you can place easels there without fear of staining paint, walls, floors and furniture in the rest of the house. If you make music, you can make good soundproofing in the attic by upholstering the walls with felt and you practice at any time of the day without disturbing the rest of the family members. A workshop on the attic floor should have enough places for storing materials and tools. The number of work surfaces depends on the intended activities.

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The attic may become a library with cozy reading corner for all book lovers. It is enough to place a few bookshelves, a comfortable chair and a coffee table and turn the attic into a quiet and comfortable place, ideal for relaxing with a good book.

attic bedroom with loft exposed brick wall

Of course, attic conversion ideas are not limited to the ones that we listed. You can use the space in many other creative ways. It can be the perfect walk in closet equipped with rods, a chest of drawers, shoe racks, etc. Some things can be stored in cardboard boxes, baskets or plastic boxes. In addition to clothes, small household appliances, which are not often used, are often stored in the closet – an ironing board, sports equipment, etc. and you can easily use every inch of space.

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You attic can be the ideal home gym, meditation room, man cave, or home theater, for example. You can place a large sofa, a TV or a wall-mounted projector screen. Wires and the acoustic system can be hidden behind beautiful wall panels. A bar counter, a refrigerator for drinks and a popcorn machine will only add to the experience!



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